15 Coolest Playhouse Beds for Kids


The summertime spirit had us on a playhouse kick — which we showed you here, here here and here— but what about those who don’t have the extra space for a mini house? Here are 15 ingenious, dream-worthy kids playhouse beds, ranging from DIY projects to extravagant jaw-droppers:

  • Slide Bed 1 of 15
    Slide Bed
    What girly girl wouldn't adore this bed set, complete with a slide?
  • Tudor Bed 2 of 15
    Tudor Bed
    This tudor-style playhouse bed is custom made to order.
  • Bed on Wheels 3 of 15
    Bed on Wheels
    Love everything about this bed-within-a-house. Simply lovely.
  • Wilderness Bed 4 of 15
    Wilderness Bed
    Find the link below for DIY building plans.
  • Cottage Loft Bed 5 of 15
    Cottage Loft Bed
    This Pottery Barn Kids loft bed ($1,299) is a dream-like kids space.
  • IKEA Hack 6 of 15
    IKEA Hack
    And this DIY playhouse bed is made from an IKEA bunk bed and felt. Genius.
  • Rustic Hideaway 7 of 15
    Rustic Hideaway
    This lofted bed is the perfect catalyst for wild imaginations.
  • Playhouse Bunk Beds 8 of 15
    Playhouse Bunk Beds
    There's space for two little ones to sleep in their own little house.
  • Rhapsody Bed 9 of 15
    Rhapsody Bed
    This play bed from CedarWorks is fully customizable, but you'll have to contact them for a quote.
  • Princess Castle Playhouse Loft Bed 10 of 15
    Princess Castle Playhouse Loft Bed
    Wowza, and for only $15,470. A bargain.
  • Simple Fun 11 of 15
    Simple Fun
    It looks like they just added their own little play space under this lofted bed.
  • Fit for a King 12 of 15
    Fit for a King
    Who says girls have to have all the royal fun? ($1,282 for the bed + castle tent)
  • Home Sweet Home 13 of 15
    Home Sweet Home
    There's actually a bed back there -- and can even fit up to a queen size! The price? Oh, a mere $14,450. Basically like a down-payment on an actual house.
  • Dreamy Hideaway 14 of 15
    Dreamy Hideaway
    You don't need ornate windows or slides to create a cozy corner for imaginative play.
  • Bed Forts 15 of 15
    Bed Forts
    Not so much a playhouse as a fort, but what a perfect play/sleep space for multiples.

They do exist: 10 playhouses that won’t break the bank!

1. Mirror Mirror (bed can be purchased from Maxtrix)

2. Tudor Loft Bed

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