15 Easy Halloween Costumes: Ideas For You & Your Kids

It’s hard to believe that it will be Halloween soon. Are you looking for Easy Halloween Costumes? We have searched the internet and have found 15 Easy Halloween Costumes: Ideas For You & Your Kids. These will make for a stress free Halloween! Super Easy and Super Cool!

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  • Easy Ace of Hearts Costume 1 of 15
    Easy Ace of Hearts Costume
    Create a winning costume with an old pillowcase and red felt. Disguise a cereal box as a deck of cards for the perfect treat tote.
  • Chef 2 of 15
    Have your little cook don one of Dad's old shirts, and then make a chef's hat from a white shower cap and an oatmeal container.
  • Crayons 3 of 15
    Black felt quickly turns brightly colored long johns into this iconic art supply! Top 'em of with a matching party hat, and they are ready to paint the town.
  • Sushi 4 of 15
    Turn your baby into a Japanese snack with an orange pillow, white tape, and a green ribbon sash.
  • Weatherman 5 of 15
    Tie paper raindrops and lightning bolts onto a child-size umbrella. He'll be out the door, rain or shine, in no time!
  • Plug In Outlet Costume 6 of 15
    Plug In Outlet Costume
    An "Electrifying" Halloween Get-up!
  • Outer Space Costumes 7 of 15
    Outer Space Costumes
    Make these out-of-this-world costumes for the whole family using cardboard, paint, dark clothing, and a process so simple, your little comets can help out, too.
  • Beekeeper Costume 8 of 15
    Beekeeper Costume
    Create buzz about your Halloween costume with this disguise made from painter's coveralls, a straw hat, and a long tulle veil to guard your face from the swarm of bees.
  • Madame Butterfly Costume 9 of 15
    Madame Butterfly Costume
    In this beautiful costume, you'll have a flurry of winged beauties at your beck and call.
  • Where’s Waldo Costume 10 of 15
    Where's Waldo Costume
    An Easy costume, try a striped Red & White tee with Jeans!
  • Bunch Of Grapes 11 of 15
    Bunch Of Grapes
    What you'll need: 23 inch square of green felt green, purple or black sweatshirt and pants or leggings 30 to 40 purple balloons (depends on size of your child) safety pins
  • Doll Box Costume 12 of 15
    Doll Box Costume
    Ladies, do you want to dress like Barbie this Halloween? Wear this costume and get the most laughs at the Halloween party this year?
  • Living Picture & Walking X-Ray 13 of 15
    Living Picture & Walking X-Ray
    Super easy why not try making a handmade frame, and a paper made X-Ray Body Suit!
  • Birds Nest 14 of 15
    Birds Nest
    Invite a creepy bird to make its nest on your head and lay a few mysterious eggs.
  • Rainbow Costume 15 of 15
    Rainbow Costume
    How fun is this Rainbow Costume? Be the life of the party.

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