15 Epic Robot Costumes

The robot. Always friendly, there to help, and probably one of the most favorite go-to costumes throughout the years. Growing up, we had the tin-foil versions but nowadays things are getting pretty sophisticated. Just one check into and you’ve got some pretty complicated and epic ideas.  Here we’ve collected a few, some super-amazing, some inter-active, other’s easy to make.  Take your pick, they are all inspiring!

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  • Heavy Metal Version 2 of 16

    These costumes are made using real metal (the maker works in a metal shop), but the metal could easily be replaced using cardboard.

    Click here for the how-to from onebrokeneck on

  • Optimus Prime 3 of 16

    This rather sophisticated Optimus Prime (leader of the Autobots, I'm told) costume is certain to turn a few heads.

    Click here for the how-to by  on

  • Star Wars Imperial Walker 4 of 16

    Can you imagine this build walking down the street?

    Click here for the instructions by  on

  • Power Loader Costume from Aliens 5 of 16

    Possibly one of the most scary movies ever, make a Power Loader Costume from Aliens.

    Click here for the how-to by on

  • Makedo Robot Costume 6 of 16

    This costume is along the more traditional lines that we're used to. Use materials like foil trays and bottle caps for decoration, and think up some fun robot noises when you are building.

    Click here for the how-to from the folks at Makedo via

  • Classic Robot 7 of 16

    Using foil, cardboard and piping, this classic robot can be made within less than an hour.

    Get the how-to from Oh Happy Day!

  • Transformers Soundwave Costume 8 of 16

    Build a classic Decepticon "Soundwave" with this epic (and might we say amazing) DIY.

    Click here for the how-to by Incrxtc on on

  • Malfunctioning Robot 9 of 16

    It's always rather hilarious when a robot malfunctions and this one comes with a handy dandy candy upload. Also pretty technical, but impressive.

    Click here for the how-to by   on

  • A Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Halloween 10 of 16

    Knock 'em off their socks with this pair of robots from games gone by.

    Click here for the how-to at by via Instructables. 

  • Lego Darth Vader! 11 of 16

    Part man, part robot, this lego version of Darth Vader is certainly a fun idea!

    Click here for how-to from by at Instructables

  • Interactive Vintage Robot 12 of 16

    Maybe one of the coolest, this interactive vintage robot costume is fun, colorful, interactive and unique!
    Click here for the how-to by n Instructables.

  • DIY R2D2 13 of 16

    Make this Star Wars fave with the help of a little paper mache - all for under $10.

    Click here for the how-to by on

  • Partybot! 14 of 16

    Take the cliche cardboard robot and really bring the PARTY!!! This Partybot has tunes included!

    Click here for the how-to by via Instructables.

  • Iron Man 15 of 16

    Not necessarily a robot (actually a man in a suit), but robot-inspired just the same!
    Click here for the how-to by on Instructables.

  • Do it Yourself Tron Costume 16 of 16

    A step-by-step tutorial on making this glowy Tron Costume using EL wire.
    Click here for the how-to by on Instructables.

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