15 Flower Seeds to Plant this Spring!

One of my favorite things about January is getting garden seed catalogs in the mail. I love reading all the descriptions of flowers and sketching out garden ideas. I have just a little plot of land but I’d love to fill it with flowers this spring. I’ll definitely be starting with sweet peas. which can be planted as early as February! Below are a few favorites I picked out from the new catalogs.

  • Early Flowering Sweet Peas 1 of 15
    Early Flowering Sweet Peas
    These sweet peas bloom early in the summer and grow 2-3 feet tall. They make gorgeous bouquets.
    Buy this for $2.79 at Renee's Garden Seeds
  • Fruit Punch Poppies 2 of 15
    Fruit Punch Poppies
    This poppy collection features gorgeous reds, pink, lavenders and corals!
    Buy this for £2.49 at Thompson & Morgan
  • Nicotiana 3 of 15
    If you like white flowers in your garden, Nicotiana is a must have! It grows five feet tall and the white flowers emit a strong fragrance at night.
    Buy this for $3.95 at Territorial Seed Co.
  • Amethyst Sweet Peas 4 of 15
    Amethyst Sweet Peas
    This collection of lavender and purple sweet peas, includes several old-fashioned varieties known for their strong scents.
    Buy this for £ 1.95 at Sarah Raven
  • Black Velvet Nasturtiums 5 of 15
    Black Velvet Nasturtiums
    If you love chocolate colored flowers, you'll love these dark, velvet nasturtiums.
    Buy this for $6.80 at Osborne Seed. Co.
  • Butterfly Flower Mix 6 of 15
    Butterfly Flower Mix
    Attract butterflies to your garden with these flowers. The mix includes verbena bonariensis, linaria, Echium ‘Blue Bedder.'
    Buy this for £ 3.50 at Sarah Raven
  • Orange and Yellow Cosmos 7 of 15
    Orange and Yellow Cosmos
    These gorgeous cosmos are smaller flowers with almost double petals. They work great for flower arrangements.
    Buy this for $6.50 at Osborne Seed Co.
  • Cornflowers 8 of 15
    Create a wildflower patch in your backyard with these charming Cornflowers, also called 'Bachelor Buttons.'
    Buy this for $7.00 at Osborne Seed Co.
  • Persian Carpet Zinnias 9 of 15
    Persian Carpet Zinnias
    These old-fashioned zinnias make the loveliest flower arrangements!
    Buy this for $2.75 at Seed Savers Exchange
  • Variegated Pink Sweet Peas 10 of 15
    Variegated Pink Sweet Peas
    The petals on these sweet peas are striped with pink, raspberry, purple and white.
    Buy this for £ 1.95 at Sarah Raven
  • Bishop’s Lace 11 of 15
    Bishop's Lace
    Similar to Queen Anne's Lace, these white flowers are the perfect fillers for summer flower arrangements.
    Buy this for $2.79 at Renee's Garden Seeds
  • Globe Amaranth 12 of 15
    Globe Amaranth
    These orange and red flowers attract butterflies. They also work really well for flower arrangements, as they have a long vase life.
    Buy this for $2.99 at Renee's Garden Seeds
  • Harlequin Sweet Peas 13 of 15
    Harlequin Sweet Peas
    This collection of sweet peas features bright colors and highly scented, old-fashioned varieties.
    Buy this for £ 1.95 at Sarah Raven
  • Shirley Poppies 14 of 15
    Shirley Poppies
    If you've ever traveled through France or Italy you might recognize this poppy variety that grows wild in fields there.
    Buy this for $2.79 at Renee's Garden Seeds
  • Culinary Poppies 15 of 15
    Culinary Poppies
    The seeds in these lovely poppies can be used in cooking.
    Buy this for $2.99 at Renee's Garden Seeds

Top photos: Sarah Raven + Osborne Seed. Co.

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