15 Genius Storage Solutions for the Home

Great storage solutions can be hard to come by. Here are 15 of my favorite found storage solutions for the home. Check them out! One might be perfect for your family.

  • Bike Storage 1 of 15
    Bike Storage
    Books and bikes in one storage unit? Perfection!
    Check it out on Knife & Saw
  • Stairs Storage 2 of 15
    Stairs Storage
    Get some use out of your stairs by adding storage underneath.
    Check it out on Leva & Bo
  • Book Storage 3 of 15
    Book Storage
    This is perfect for limited space. Add some book shelves to the sides of furniture!
    See more at On the Banks of Squaw Creek
  • Jewelry Storage 4 of 15
    Jewelry Storage
    I am always getting my jewelry tangled up in my jewelry box. This egg crate idea is a genius way to keep your gems separated.
    See more on Fabulous K
  • Book Shelf Storage 5 of 15
    Book Shelf Storage
    I love this idea! A storage box that looks like books. Stick it in your book shelf for extra storage. No one will be the wiser!
    See it on Roadside Photographs
  • Stairs Storage 6 of 15
    Stairs Storage
    More stairs storage! It's just so clever and useful. I love it!
    Check it out on Apartment Therapy
  • Toy Car Storage 7 of 15
    Toy Car Storage
    Am I the only one who seems to always be stepping on toy cars? Get some magnetic strips and keep those cars off the floor!
    Check it out on Style Files
  • Book Shelf Chair Storage 8 of 15
    Book Shelf Chair Storage
    This is such a brilliant idea. A chair and foot stool that double as a book shelf. Amazing!
    Check it out on Style Files
  • Welly Storage 9 of 15
    Welly Storage
    Who doesn't need a place to store their wellys?
    See it on Welly Racks
  • Mail Storage 10 of 15
    Mail Storage
    This DIY provides a cute way to sort and store your mail.
    Check it out on Apartment Therapy
  • Pencil Storage 11 of 15
    Pencil Storage
    Keep your pretty pencils organized with a piece of wood and a drill.
    Image found via Kate Spade
  • Under the Sink Storage 12 of 15
    Under the Sink Storage
    Adding a rod under the sink to hang your cleaners. This would definitely help me not only stay organized but also make the most of the space.
    See more on Martha Stewart
  • Bathroom Storage 13 of 15
    Bathroom Storage
    Hang some barrels on the wall for instant shelving with dividers.
    Check it out on DIY Network
  • Entryway Storage 14 of 15
    Entryway Storage
    Colorful crates! Create a space for each member of the family to unload their shoes and bags.
    See more on Thea's Mania
  • Firewood Storage 15 of 15
    Firewood Storage
    With a few crates and a lot of firewood, you can make a beautiful and useful storage area for oddities and your fire wood!
    See it on Studio Sankt Paul



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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