15 Gingham Finds for Spring 2013!

I’ll always love gingham. Yes a little goes a long way, but gingham is the quintessential springtime pattern! Check out my favorite gingham finds for this year. Gingham can cheer up your wardrobe, your kitchen, or your baby’s wardrobe. My picks start at just $1.99!

  • Gingham Skirt 1 of 15
    Gingham Skirt
    This sweet little baby skirt is a great deal at Target right now and it won't ever go out of style.
    $3 Target.
  • Yellow Tray 2 of 15
    Yellow Tray
    Cheer up dinnertime with these yellow gingham tray, or use it to hold beauty essentials.
    $16 UGUisi.
  • Handmade Gingham Napkins 3 of 15
    Handmade Gingham Napkins
    Change up your dining table for springtime with these darling handmade napkins in blue gingham.
    $30/4 Sewn.
  • Green Gingham Skirt 4 of 15
    Green Gingham Skirt
    Pair this skirt with a cotton button-up and Swedish clogs for a fresh spring/summer look.
    $70 Harp Handmade.
  • Gingham Ties 5 of 15
    Gingham Ties
    Choose from red, green, aqua, blue or yellow! These fun gingham ties are lovely for men or women.
    $59.50 Handmade by Emy.
  • Gingham Pocket Square 6 of 15
    Gingham Pocket Square
    Made in England, this traditional pocket square would make a cute headscarf for a little girl.
    $45 J.Crew.
  • Cloth Tape 7 of 15
    Cloth Tape
    Use this tape for gift wrapping, book binding, or to add accents to home and desktop accessories.
    $8.20 UGUisi.
  • Tear Away Gingham Napkins 8 of 15
    Tear Away Gingham Napkins
    Handy for picnics and spring meals, this roll of tear-off gingham napkins is also reusable! Just throw them in the wash.
    $55/roll of 20 SHFT.
  • Paper Baking Cups 9 of 15
    Paper Baking Cups
    Use these dotted and gingham green baking cups to add color to sweet spring gifts or just to cheer up your morning breakfast.
    $1.99 Cost Plus.
  • Purple Gingham Muffin Liners 10 of 15
    Purple Gingham Muffin Liners
    These purple liners are lovely for cupcakes and muffins.
    $4.95 Sur La Table.
  • Red Gingham Spoon 11 of 15
    Red Gingham Spoon
    A lovely gingham spoon to stir your tea or coffee.
    $5.95 Sur La Table.
  • Gingham Food Paper 12 of 15
    Gingham Food Paper
    I want to wrap picnic sandwiches in this!
    $6.00 Sur La Table.
  • Dotted and Gingham Red Liners 13 of 15
    Dotted and Gingham Red Liners
    At 50 for $1.99, these are a great deal. Perfect for a birthday party!
    $1.99 Cost Plus.
  • Gingham Bundt Cake Liners 14 of 15
    Gingham Bundt Cake Liners
    Mini bundt cakes are adorable for parties, and even more so with these cute liners!
    $4.99/4 Cost Plus.
  • Gingham Girls Dress 15 of 15
    Gingham Girls Dress
    My niece has this dress and it's the cutest! Pair with a scarf like pictured, for an unexpected look!
    $49.50 Olive Juice.

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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