15 Girls Clothes I Would Totally Put On My Son

I know some people have a problem with boys wearing skinny jeans and such, but I love it! One of my favorite places to shop for a little guy is actually in the girls section! The clothes fit better, and if you are careful to avoid jeans with heart shaped pockets, no one would even guess they were girls clothes! Here are 15 perfect examples of how to shop for your little man in the little lady section.

  • Saddle Shoes 1 of 16
    Why these aren't boys shoes is beyond me. No one would ever think they were for girls!
    Buy them here for $14.99 at Payless.
  • Neon Pants 2 of 16
    I am actually buying these for my son as soon as I can. The color is perfect for spring!
    Buy them here for $9.95 at H&M.
  • Denim Shirt 3 of 16
    A simple denim shirt with pearly snaps. Totally boy-able.
    Buy it here for $17.95 at H&M.
  • Neon Shorts 4 of 16
    In my experience, girls shorts have a much better fit on little man legs. Why do boy shorts have to be so baggy and long?
    Buy them here for $26.95 at Gap.
  • Jean Shorts 5 of 16
    Some simple jean shorts that will make his little legs look awesome.
    Buy them here for $24.95 at Gap.
  • Green Jeans 6 of 16
    Light green jeans for spring. Totally good for a boy or a girl.
    Buy them here for $29.95 at Gap.
  • Mint Jeans 7 of 16
    These mint jeans are adorable! Is mint really such a girl color? I don't think so.
    Buy them here for $16.99 at Target.
  • Oxfords 8 of 16
    These oxfords totally look like boy shoes that you find accidentally in the girls section. No one would ever guess they are for little ladies!
    Buy them here for $19.99 at Target.
  • Elbow Patch Cardigan 9 of 16
    This is where it gets tricky. The elbow patches are hearts. I find no problem putting it on my little guy, but some might.
    Buy it here for $59.95 at J Crew.
  • Navy Cardigan 10 of 16
    A cute little navy cardigan with the smallest little heart toward the bottom of the sweater. Totally do-able.
    Buy it here for $59.95 at J Crew.
  • Boatneck Tee 11 of 16
    Boatneck tees are almost always in the girls section, except in European stores! Totally unisex in my opinion.
    Buy it here for $45 at J Crew.
  • Comfy Pants 12 of 16
    These slim comfy pants would be perfect for a boy! They don't need all that fabric to roll around in.
    Buy them here for $39.50 at J Crew.
  • Military Jacket 13 of 16
    I can see how this would be totally adorable on a little girl, but come on. It's totally a boy-ish jacket.
    Buy it here for $128 at J Crew.
  • Moccasin Boots 14 of 16
    Fringe is generally a girly feature on clothes, but I think moccasins are the exception. These boots are amazing.
    Buy them here for $39.95 at J Crew.
  • Metallic Boat Shoes 15 of 16
    Why should girls be the only ones who get to wear metallics? These boyish shoes in a "feminine" metallic are absolutely unisex to me.
    Buy them here for $16.95 at Old Navy.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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