15 Gorgeous Items from Gretel Home

Don’t you love it when you discover a new shop? I recently stumbled upon the wonderfully curated offerings of Gretel Home and managed to amass quite a large shopping list. The shop description states that they love modern design along with all things pretty (hmm, wonder why I fell for it). Gretel was founded in 2009 by Abby Kellett, a British interior stylist. The artistic eye behind the shop is obvious, as all of the goods have such a wonderful sense of color and scale, with a little bit of whimsy. Here are 15 of my favorites.

  • XL Tiered Tray 1 of 15
    XL Tiered Tray
    Tall and elegant, what a lovely statement on a dessert table.
    From Gretel Home, $52
  • Sculptural Cake Stand 2 of 15
    Sculptural Cake Stand
    A great pop of color with the appeal of sculpture. In a variety of colors.
    From Gretel Home, $52
  • Flawed Gold 3 of 15
    Flawed Gold
    Studiomake designed their Flawed series of ceramics to bring attention to the inherent beauty of imperfections.
    From Gretel Home, $36
  • Folk Stripe Tray 4 of 15
    Folk Stripe Tray
    A charming pattern on a birchwood tray.
    From Gretel Home, $42
  • Color Burst Bowls 5 of 15
    Color Burst Bowls
    Made with papier-mâché sealed in rubber to create that distinctive raw edge. So cool!
    From Gretel Home, From $52
  • Clean Design Toy 6 of 15
    Clean Design Toy
    Not just for kids, this truck also makes a great desktop accessory.
    From Gretel Home, $55
  • Pale Pink Serving Bowl 7 of 15
    Pale Pink Serving Bowl
    Simple and elegant.
    From Gretel Home, $129
  • Ceramic Canister 8 of 15
    Ceramic Canister
    Decorative and utilitarian, with a container, strainer, lid and cap, all held together by a rubber band..
    From Gretel Home, $100
  • Striped Omaggio Vase 9 of 15
    Striped Omaggio Vase
    The Omaggio collection combines classic shapes and brush strokes, with modern stripes and colors.
    From Gretel Home, $68
  • Lace Coasters! 10 of 15
    Lace Coasters!
    Delicate yet edgy, as the lace is cut from rubber.
    From Gretel Home, $10 for four
  • A tray to match my skirt! 11 of 15
    A tray to match my skirt!
    This rose pattern is just gorgeous!
    From Gretel Home, $34
  • Ribbon Coat Rack 12 of 15
    Ribbon Coat Rack
    Functional art, this coat rack imitates the fluid movements of a ribbon blowing in the wind.
    From Gretel Home, $124
  • Geometric Patterned Vase 13 of 15
    Geometric Patterned Vase
    A graphic yet delicate design.
    From Gretel Home, $60
  • Surprise! 14 of 15
    It's a light, and a showstopping piece of functional art.
    From Gretel Home, $129
  • Organic Form Candle Holders 15 of 15
    Organic Form Candle Holders
    These candle holders were created while their designers were blindfolded so that their hands controlled the design rather than their minds.
    From Gretel Home, $26

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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