15 Gorgeous Scarves to Add to Your Fall Outfits

15 gorgeous scarves

I am a lazy dresser. So, that’s why I love scarves! They instantly make an outfit feel just a little more put together. If I can find cute shoes, a pair of skinny jeans, some kind of decent top and then add a scarf, I am happy and comfortable for the day! There are so many gorgeous scarves out right now. If you want to incorporate some current trends into your outfit, without making a big commitment, a scarf is a great way to do that! Whether you’d like to add a dramatic, colorful pattern to an outfit, or just a little texture to make a jeans and t-shirt outfit more interesting, you’ll find lots of ideas in the slideshow below!

  • Green Paisley Scarf 1 of 15
    Green Paisley Scarf
    This gorgeous green paisley scarf was woven in Japan.
    Buy for £45 at Couverture and the Garbstore
  • Triangle Scarf 2 of 15
    Triangle Scarf
    Add this adorable triangle blue scarf to t-shirt and jean outfits to dress it up a notch.
    Buy for £179 at Couverture and the Garbstore
  • Charlotte Linton Scaf 3 of 15
    Charlotte Linton Scaf
    Charlotte Linton always designs the most gorgeous and interesting scarves. This one is no exception.
    Buy for £299 at Couverture and the Garbstore
  • Giza Scarf 4 of 15
    Giza Scarf
    This lovely wool scarf is handmade of 100% wool.
    Buy for $270 at Plumo
  • Blue + Grey Stripes 5 of 15
    Blue + Grey Stripes
    If you shy away from patterns but want to make your outfits a little more interesting, try adding a patterned scarf. This one is super cute!
    Buy for $122 at Plumo
  • 10,400 Stitches Wrap 6 of 15
    10,400 Stitches Wrap
    This gorgeous berry-colored scarf is made from 100% merino wool.
    Buy for $104 at PlainMade
  • Babaloo Scarf 7 of 15
    Babaloo Scarf
    Handmade in Ethiopia, this striped merino wool scarf, is a great way to stay warm while out and about this winter.
    Buy for $175 at Lemlem
  • Mala Scarf 8 of 15
    Mala Scarf
    This gorgeous cotton scarf would look fantastic with skinny jeans and a white button-up.
    Buy for $175 at Lemlem
  • Didi Square Scarf 9 of 15
    Didi Square Scarf
    This navy striped scarf is handmade in Ethiopia from merino wool.
    Buy for $150 at Lemlem
  • Neon Fringe Scarf 10 of 15
    Neon Fringe Scarf
    Add just a touch of neon to dark winter outfits with this neon trimmed scarf.
    Buy for $168.43 at Plumo
  • Peruvian Alpaca Scarf 11 of 15
    Peruvian Alpaca Scarf
    This tone-on-tone scarf looks gorgeous with loose-fitting sweaters and tops.
    Buy for $70 at Lands End Canvas
  • Lambswool Dot Scarf 12 of 15
    Lambswool Dot Scarf
    Little pin dots on navy blue are always charming. Wear this with a navy t-shirt and wide legged jeans for a comfortable fall look.
    Buy for $68 at J.Crew
  • Sheep Scarf 13 of 15
    Sheep Scarf
    Little sheep on scarf! Who could resist this? Pair it with stripes for a fun pattern-on-pattern look.
    Buy for $130 at Leif
  • Red and White Scarf 14 of 15
    Red and White Scarf
    Add a dash of red to your outfit with these sweet scarf. It's a perfect way to make your outfit look festive without going overboard!
    Buy for $35 at Modcloth
  • Diamond Quilted Striped Scarf 15 of 15
    Diamond Quilted Striped Scarf
    This classic blue scarf features beautiful quilting for a cozy look and feel.
    Buy for $127 at Hickoree's

Top photo from Couverture and the Garbstore. All photos from respective sources.

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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