15 Handmade Garden Projects + Ideas

There’s a new garden book out that I’d love to get by Seattle-based freelance garden writer, author, blogger, Lorene Edwards Forkner called Handmade Garden Projects (Timber Press). By reading one of it’s reviews by local garden blogger, Andrea Bellamy of Heavy Petal (such a great name for a garden blog), it looks like the perfect book for the DIY’er (especially one who enjoys gardening).  Projects such as a succulent gutter planter to a gabion-style coffee table; the ideas behind the how-to book seem obtainable yet unique. It inspired me to look for a few handmade garden projects myself.  Click “continue” to see what I found.

  • Bird Seed Feeder 1 of 15
    Bird Seed Feeder
    Create an open bar for your garden feathered friends.
    Esprit Cabane
  • Outdoor Planting Table 2 of 15
    Outdoor Planting Table
    A cute little set-up for your potting needs. Images and idea from Matt at Wood and Faulk
  • Herb Organizer 3 of 15
    Herb Organizer
    A creative and economical way to build one of those coveted vertical gardens. Turn a pocket shoe organizer into a veggie patch!
  • Mobile Container Garden 4 of 15
    Mobile Container Garden
    Make a planter on wheels!
  • Veneer Sphere Birdhouse 5 of 15
    Veneer Sphere Birdhouse
    Create a unique birdhouse using simple strips of wood veneer.
  • Outdoor Planter Pendant Light 6 of 15
    Outdoor Planter Pendant Light
    Create a light with two outdoor planters.
  • Grow Potatoes in Towers 7 of 15
    Grow Potatoes in Towers
    How to create some cool planters perfect for growing potatoes.
  • Modern planter bench 8 of 15
    Modern planter bench
    Build a bench over two planters.
  • Build a Beach 9 of 15
    Build a Beach
    Create a beachy atmosphere right in your backyard.
  • Beach garden in a pot 10 of 15
    Beach garden in a pot
    Create a miniature beach in a pot.
  • Succulent Gutter 11 of 15
    Succulent Gutter
    Make a planter out of an old gutter. Make a planter out of an old gutter. Image from the garden of Lorene Edwards Forkner, from Handmade Garden Projects. Photo by Allan Mandell.
  • Add a Hideaway 12 of 15
    Add a Hideaway
    Add a vintage trailer and create a cosy backyard hideway. Image from the garden of Lorene Edwards Forkner, from Handmade Garden Projects. Photo by Allan Mandell.
  • Geodetic greenhouse 13 of 15
    Geodetic greenhouse
    Create a cool dome for your tomatoes.
    By rickharris
  • DIY Garden Markers 14 of 15
    DIY Garden Markers
    Beautiful garden markers you can make in a jiffy!
    By witandwhistle at
  • Make a Hanging Garden 15 of 15
    Make a Hanging Garden
    A clever a whimsical hanging garden.
    By rainbuilder at

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