15 Funniest E-Cards Ever

We all love our families, but sometimes they drive us crazy. These e-cards are a hilarious way to break the ice with your can’t-live-with-em-can’t-live-without-em set or to just make your parents laugh. Send a playful joke their way! Keep reading to see our picks…

  • Drink Up 1 of 15
    Drink Up
    Oh, Mom. We love you, but sometimes it does take an adult beverage to deal.
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  • For the Love 2 of 15
    For the Love
    Nothing says love like taking care of your parents. Send this to your young at heart folks.
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  • Thanks, Dad! 3 of 15
    Thanks, Dad!
    This made us laugh. Send it with a sweet note.
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  • Tech Savvy 4 of 15
    Tech Savvy
    This one kills me. Not all moms are tech savvy.
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  • Great Seeing You 5 of 15
    Great Seeing You
    Send this to your cousin with a great sense of humor. Can't we all relate to this one?!
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  • I Hope I Never Have to 6 of 15
    I Hope I Never Have to
    For the sports Dad. Pretty funny.
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  • Love You 7 of 15
    Love You
    This one may crush Dad, but it's sure to make Mom smile.
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  • Gee Thanks 8 of 15
    Gee Thanks
    Aw, thanks Mom. Hopefully we can all thank our moms for this.
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  • Smile and Nod 9 of 15
    Smile and Nod
    I think a lot of us can relate to this one. A hilarious card to send to your Grandparents.
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  • Don’t Worry 10 of 15
    Don't Worry
    For the mother who always worries. Send her a cheeky card to make her laugh.
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  • Slightly Less 11 of 15
    Slightly Less
    Sometimes our families are a little crazier on one side. This is awesome.
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  • Favorite 12 of 15
    Send this to both of your parents!
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  • Weekend Dad 13 of 15
    Weekend Dad
    This is funny. Send it to your Dad, unless it's too soon.
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  • Never too Cool 14 of 15
    Never too Cool
    If Mom is getting nervous about her little ones fleeing the nest, reassure her!
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  • Favorite 15 of 15
    Apologize to your siblings for being the favorite. You can't help it!
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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