15 Home Repairs Gone Hilariously Wrong

Of all the things homeowners fear most, home repairs top the list. As notoriously expensive, frustrating, and time-consuming as they are, home repairs often reach far beyond our skill level and household budget.

According to, homeowners should expect to spend anywhere between 1 to 3 percent of their home’s value on maintenance and repair costs annually. Gulp. As a cost-saving measure, most homeowners attempt to make these repairs themselves, but what happens when one’s repair abilities are…how do I say this…severely lacking? You’re about to find out.


  • There, I fixed it. 1 of 16
    Bad home repair pictures

    Our friends at Cheezburger's There I Fixed It know a thing or two about crappy home repairs; take a look at 15 repairs gone horribly, horribly wrong.

  • Scotch tape: the universal adhesive 2 of 16

    Broken microwave handle? Scotch tape to the rescue! Don't cha just love that this microwave owner didn't even spring for a stronger hold with duct tape? Here's to very temporary fixes!


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  • Romantic firsts 3 of 16

    Aww, DUST + RRY's first home repair. You guys, isn't it romantic? The couple that duct tapes together stays together.


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  • Real buzzkill 4 of 16

    These folks better have some damn good homeowner's insurance in the event that a houseguest accidentally electrocutes themselves.


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  • Pendant lighting 5 of 16

    I've got a similar dated-looking florescent lighting situation in my kitchen too, but c'mon, flashlights as pendant lighting? Tacky.


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  • Mix, not match 6 of 16

    One of these is not like the other...AT ALL. Total square peg in an hexagonal hole.


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  • An important part of a balanced home decor 7 of 16

    Eat up, kids! Cereal box shades are the next big thing!


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  • Have a…seat 8 of 16

    Please, make yourself comfortable-ish.


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  • Safety first 9 of 16

    That's one way to fix a broken deadbolt. It's the wrong way, but still.


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  • Don’t drop the soap 10 of 16

    You'll never have to worry about dropping the soap again with this handy dandy soap holder securely mounted to the wall for your bathing convenience.


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  • A ladder matter 11 of 16

    When painting, would you rather use secured scaffolding or wind up with a broken neck? This person chose the latter. Get it? Ladder? Ba-dum-bum.


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  • The premises is secure 12 of 16

    Because you never can be too careful.


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  • Stick a pad on it 13 of 16

    Boo, the pad is upside down preventing superior leak protection. I guess if I want something done right I have to do it myself...


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  • Fireproof 14 of 16

    Swift thinking on that lint trap repair, just imagine the potential fire danger otherwise! ::wipes sweat from brow::


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  • Freeze! 15 of 16

    Mmkay, but how does one open the freezer?


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  • Office supplies to the rescue 16 of 16

    I'm not gonna lie, it's good to know that anything I might need for a home repair is sitting on my desk right now.


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