15 Mad Men Inspired Dresses for the Premiere!


Ooooh! Are you as excited as I am about the Mad Men Season 5 Premiere this weekend? I’m starting to get in a dreamy mid-century mood looking at  this fashion gallery from the show’s costume designer. Mad Men style is all about sweetness and conservatism while flaunting curves and exuding hotness. Lady-like behavior in public, not to lady -like behavior behind closed doors. I can’t wait to find out about all the non lady-like behavior going on in Season 5! Keep reading to see 15 fabulous, Mad Men inspired dresses….

  • Wink and a Navy 1 of 15
    Wink and a Navy
    Stylish, ladylike and oh-so sweet (just like Betty, right?). Only thing this dress need is a cocktail and it could step right on set!
    Buy it here at ModCloth for $139.99
  • Love Marvels Dress 2 of 15
    Love Marvels Dress
    Joan would have died if you had found this bold red dress first! A fiery red with a hot curvy shape.
    Buy it here at Ruche for $36.99
  • Honeyed Shirt Dress 3 of 15
    Honeyed Shirt Dress
    Can't you picture Betty wearing this to the country club on a warm day? Sweet and buttoned up, just like Betty.
    Buy it here at Anthopologie for $148
  • Francine Dress 4 of 15
    Francine Dress
    Gorgeous silhouette on this dress, with a very appropriate vintage-inspired collar and cuffed sleeves. Lovely to accessorize with on a summer day.
    Buy it here at Ruche for $95.99
  • Garden Gorgeous Dress 5 of 15
    Garden Gorgeous Dress
    Big florals make a real statement with this sweet summer vintage-inspired dress.
    Buy it here at ModCloth for $92.99
  • Cottage Rose Dress 6 of 15
    Cottage Rose Dress
    Lovely, sweet, structured. Everything screams Mad Men attire to me!
    Buy it here at ModCloth for $94.99
  • Patch of Pansies 7 of 15
    Patch of Pansies
    Lovely, sweet summertime dress Peggy would have been waltzing around the office in.
    Buy it here at ModCloth for $97.99
  • Jill of All Trades 8 of 15
    Jill of All Trades
    Secretaries get all dolled up in Mad Men world. We love this fitted yet conservative office dress.
    Buy it here at ModCloth for $49.99
  • Jane’s Darling Dress 9 of 15
    Jane's Darling Dress
    Beautiful hourglass silhouette in complete 60s glamour. Screaming lovely Joan!
    Buy it here at Ruche for $107.99
  • Blue Gazebo Dress 10 of 15
    Blue Gazebo Dress
    I can see Betty strutting around mid-century suburbia in this lovely pastel number.
    Buy it here at Ruche for $89.99
  • Sincerely Paris Halter Dress 11 of 15
    Sincerely Paris Halter Dress
    I'm assuming Joan could wear light or pastel colors in summer, this one would be perfect if so!
    Buy it here at Anthropologie for $148
  • Show Stopper Lace Dress 12 of 15
    Show Stopper Lace Dress
    Pretty and sweet but also hot and curvy at once. Perfect Mad Men combo.
    Buy it here at Ruche for $36.99
  • One for You, One for Me Dress 13 of 15
    One for You, One for Me Dress
    Sweet and buttoned up, Peggy would have been all over this dress. At least the Peggy from Season 4...
    Buy it here at ModCloth for $72.99
  • Jane’ Darling in Taupe 14 of 15
    Jane' Darling in Taupe
    A summery version of the darker Jane's dress, this one is perfect for warmer weather and a bit more casual. But still mid-century to a t.
    Buy it here at Ruche for $107.99
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