15 Short Hair Cuts That Scream CHIC (Not MOM)!

“Mom hair” is a term that has many different meanings — typically swirling around “frumpy,” “dated” or “boring.” Many new moms want to chop off their long pregnancy hair for something easier to maintain (less to wash, less to blow dry, less for baby to pull), yet are scared of crossing over into “mom hair” territory. The type of short hair style that instantly adds 5 years and a minivan.

So if you’re craving a shorter hair cut, here are 15 chic looks that are as stylish as they are functional:

(Keep in mind your specific hair type, face shape and maintenance tolerability, like styling products, blow drying, etc.)

  • Wavy Chop 1 of 15
    If you have naturally wavy hair, here's a low-maintenance look. If you have naturally straight hair, you'll need some texturizing spray and volumizer.
  • Short and Curly 2 of 15
    It will take a bit of styling to get these polished curls, but this cut can be worn both straight or curly.
  • Sexy Bedhead 3 of 15
    Hair bob + curling iron = sexy tousled look.
  • Street Style Pixie 4 of 15
    It's hard to judge low-maintenance hair styles on perfectly styled celebrities, so here's a street style shot of an ordinary woman with a super cute pixie cut.
  • Shorter, But Not Too Short 5 of 15
    If you can't part with your long feminine locks, this length is a good compromise.
  • Professional Pixie 6 of 15
    Here's another shot of an adorable pixie cut, but this time from a professional photo shoot. Delicate, symmetrical features (like Emma Watson's) are typically needed to pull off this look.
  • Sophisticated Style 7 of 15
    This woman looks like she can juggle play dates, conference calls and lunch meetings without messing up her blown-out bob.
  • Choppy Bob 8 of 15
    Kristin Cavallari's youthful bob is perfect for those with medium-thick straight hair.
  • Wash-and-go Bob 9 of 15
    Works better on those with thinner hair.
  • Sleek Bob 10 of 15
    You'll probably need to run a hair straightener over your sleek hair, but it's a lot less hair to straighten.
  • Banged Bob 11 of 15
    Here's another example of a sleek bob, but with full bangs for extra style.
  • Longer Pixie 12 of 15
    The same delicate look of a pixie cut with a little more length to work with.
  • Edgier Bob 13 of 15
    Razoring the ends will give an edgier look.
  • Soft and Feminine 14 of 15
    If you have fine hair texture, this cut has all the femininity of long, layered hair.
  • The Shab 15 of 15
    As in part shag, part bob - which is how Diana Agron (of Glee) describes her hair to Cosmo magazine. Apparently she uses a little volume mousse and dry shampoo before letting it air dry. (Easy!)

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