15 Ways to Inspire Music in the Home

Music plays such an important role in my family. It’s consistently present in our house, whether I’m singing to the kids while desperately trying to get them to clean up, listening to Pandora while cooking dinner, or we are having a Friday dance party in the car in celebration of the weekend. I have always felt that introducing music to my children was extremely important. It helps to relieve stress, fosters creativity, and aids in the development of listening, gross motor, and language skills. Inspiring children to play and listen to music is a great way for us all to let loose sometimes. I want my kids to know that it’s okay to be silly and that there’s no wrong way to love music.

Over time, I’ve found a variety of ways to keep the tunes going throughout the day — even while waiting in line at the store!

Check out these tips to help inspire music in your home:

  • Make Instruments 1 of 15

    Keep your little ones inspired by music by having them make their own instruments.
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  • Don’t Hide the Instruments 2 of 15

    Keep instruments easily accesible to children at all times. A cute tray, like this, is how we store our instruments at home
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  • Make Music While You Wait 3 of 15

    Download music apps to have ready for the kids when you are stuck in line at the bank. Check out the Piano Dust Buster app. It's great!
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  • Turn Instruments Into Art 4 of 15

    Instead of storing musical instruments, keep them out in the open, like with this guitar wall mount. 
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  • Learn a New Instrument 5 of 15

    Help inspire your child by joining in on the learning.
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  • Be Unconventional 6 of 15

    Show your children that music is all around us. Teach your child that a simple glass of water can make beautiful music. Anything can be turned into an instrument.
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  • Put Instruments in Busy Areas of the House 7 of 15

    Consider purchasing or borrowing a piano, and place it in the room you are in most so kids will be drawn to it. Jaime's piano is right near the kitchen and is always being played. 
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  • Easy Access to Tunes 8 of 15

    Get your kids excited about music with their own pair of headphones. Now, they can listen to tunes wherever they are. 
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  • Give Music as a Gift 9 of 15

    Fill someone's easter basket with a surprise instrument like this tea cup ocarina. My husband is a huge Lord of the Rings fan, so I bought him the elf ax ocarina for Christmas.
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  • Tubular Cardboard Bells 10 of 15

    Try a simple craft that you can make with household supplies. This one is sure to get your child's love of music going.
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  • Sing About Everything 11 of 15

    Sing songs about everything. Making silly songs up about everyday life is a great way to get your children to join in and to get some extra giggles out. 
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  • Read Music Books 12 of 15

    Read books about famous composers and musicians with your children.
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  • Ballon Bongo Rice Shaker 13 of 15

    It's okay to be noisy when it comes to music. Make these bongo shakers with your children, and have a blast.
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  • Turn on the Tunes 14 of 15

    Turning off the TV and turning up the radio is a great way to change things up. While making dinner, turn on your favorite playlist instead of having the children zone out to TV. Also, having music on while doing homework can help children focus.
    Photo via Wikimedia.

  • Turn Anything Into Music 15 of 15

    Let your child explore different sounds with these cardboard guitars. When you all find yourself a bit stir crazy, go around the house, and find new things you can turn into instruments.
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Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Pretty Prudent, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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