16 Summer Road Trip Must-Haves

Planning any road trips this summer? National parks? Visits to family and friends? We’ve all got something in the work! Nothing’s worse than a road trip with the family and being unprepared! Here are 16 favorite items you won’t want to leave behind for a fabulous summer road trip…

  • Panama Hat 1 of 16
    Panama Hat
    Whether you have a convertible or not (probably not), you'll feel cuter in this fashionable panama hat. Plus, you'll need it when you feel the sun at the Grand Canyon.
    Buy it here Swell for $24
  • Califone Headphones 2 of 16
    Califone Headphones
    Unless you want to listen to Handy Manny for hours upon hours, you're gonna want to plop these cute headphones on your kiddo.
    Buy it here at Amazon for $14.10
  • Cricket Trailer 3 of 16
    Cricket Trailer
    Okay, so maybe in my dreams. This sporty trailer has it all!
    See it here at Cricket
  • Kindle Fire 4 of 16
    Kindle Fire
    These are smaller than ipads but still can be loaded up with plenty of movies, books and games for the long road ahead.
    Buy it here at Amazon for $199
  • Striped Tank Dress 5 of 16
    Striped Tank Dress
    Comfy, stylish and so versatile for any occasion on the road and most any weather.
    Buy it here at Madewell for $62
  • Sunny Shades 6 of 16
    Sunny Shades
    Have you ever driven without a pair? Must have.
    Buy it here at Madewell for $49.50
  • Rdio App 7 of 16
    Rdio App
    You'll need some serious tunes for your trip. Listen to any song, any album you want with Rdio or Spotify.
    Download it here for free!
  • Wide Angle Plastic Camera 8 of 16
    Wide Angle Plastic Camera
    You'll love having this wide angle camera for all those shots at the National Park, but cheap enough that you won't cry if it falls into Niagra Falls.
    Buy it here at Poketo for $35
  • Denim Button Up 9 of 16
    Denim Button Up
    It might seem hot now, but once you hit the mountains you're going to need layers. This button up is as American as it gets.
    Buy it here at Gap for $49.99
  • Aerobie Superdisc 10 of 16
    Aerobie Superdisc
    When the kids get antsy, you'll want to stop and pull out a fun toy like this to entertain them in a deserted field (or..McDonalds parking lot).
    Buy it here at Amazon for $9.93
  • Turkish Towel 11 of 16
    Turkish Towel
    Impromptu picnics and adventures on the road require a lightweight, thin blanket/towel/wrap that's pretty as well.
    Buy it here at Etsy for $24.50
  • Baggu Bag 12 of 16
    Baggu Bag
    You'll need a few lightweight bags to carry snacks, toys and gadgets for the car.
    Buy it here at Baggu for $9
  • Sticker Activity Book 13 of 16
    Sticker Activity Book
    Stickers and activity books are lifesavers on the road (or at the dmv). Buy a whole bunch to entertain the kiddos.
    Buy it here at Amazon for $3.95
  • Bensimon Slipons 14 of 16
    Bensimon Slipons
    You'll want something stylish, comfy, and easy to slip on and off for all those bathroom breaks.
    Buy it here at Madewell for $55
  • Starburst to Stay Awake 15 of 16
    Starburst to Stay Awake
    Here's a tip: Starburst are the best candy to help you stay awake. Hard to open and hard to chew, you can't fall asleep working through a pack of these.
    Buy it here at Amazon for $15.48
  • Smart Phone 16 of 16
    Smart Phone
    Now more than ever you'll need a smart phone to help you navigate. Google announced better quality 3d with the ability to download maps when you're out of cell phone service range!
    See it here on Tech Crunch, Photo via


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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