17 Easy and Beautiful Summer Hairstyles

 It’s easy to get stuck into having the same hairstyle season after season. Here are 17 easy and beautiful hairstyles to for a day at the beach or a special event like a wedding. Just because it’s hot and humid out, doesn’t mean you can’t have gorgeous looking hair!

  • Mermaid Hair 1 of 17
    Mermaid Hair
    I love this look! It screams carefree summer to me.
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  • Wrap it up! 2 of 17
    Wrap it up!
    Make a beautiful wrap to get a classic and cool summer look.
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  • Braid + Knot 3 of 17
    Braid + Knot
    Two very popular hair trends in one!
    See it at SaiFou
  • Crown Braid 4 of 17
    Crown Braid
    Such a lovely way to get your hair out of your face and off your neck for warmer weather.
    See it at Teen Vogue
  • Messy Pony Braid 5 of 17
    Messy Pony Braid
    It's not perfect, and that's ok by me! This braided pony looks like you had a great day in the sun and your hair still looks great.
    See more at SL Hairstyles
  • Side Braid Up 6 of 17
    Side Braid Up
    This looks like the perfect "do" for a day at the beach.
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  • Low Side Bun 7 of 17
    Low Side Bun
    I love this look. It would be beautiful for a day to the park or a night on the town.
    See it at Love Maegan
  • Three Twisted Braid 8 of 17
    Three Twisted Braid
    This one is so fun! A funky twist on the braid.
    See more at A Cup of Jo
  • Loose Pony 9 of 17
    Loose Pony
    A loose pony looks so carefree and down right sexy. Am I right?
    See it at Real Simple
  • Short Pony 10 of 17
    Short Pony
    Just because you have short hair, doesn't mean you have to keep it down.
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  • Sock Bun 11 of 17
    Sock Bun
    Is there any hair style more classic than the bun? Completely out of your face, off of your neck and ready to embrace summer.
    See it at Total Beauty
  • Top Knot + French Braid 12 of 17
    Top Knot + French Braid
    How beautiful is this hairstyle? It could easily become a personal favorite fast.
    See more at Total Beauty
  • Let it Go! 13 of 17
    Let it Go!
    It might not be cooler and it might be in your face, but it sure is easy and gorgeous.
    See it at Amber Jewelry
  • Add Color! 14 of 17
    Add Color!
    I've always seen summer as the time to be funky and free. Add some color to your locks for a fun twist!
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  • Twisty Pony 15 of 17
    Twisty Pony
    Add some wave and body to your pony tail with this tutorial.
    See more at The Beauty Department
  • Heart Braid 16 of 17
    Heart Braid
    A heart shaped braid? What a sweet and lovely twist.
    See more at The Beauty Department
  • Bow Hair 17 of 17
    Bow Hair
    How adorable is this? A great summer hairstyle for a kiddo and mama!
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