17 Kids Fashions We Hope Disappear By 2012

Kids are dressing more fashionable than ever — which, in most respects, is a good thing. With designer Target collaborations and mini-adult looks, it’s a good time to have little ones to dress.

But there are the exceptions — and they’re way more offensive than fanny packs and scrunchies.

These kids fashion trends need not return in 2012:

  • 1. Appalling, Headline-landing Graphic Tees 1 of 17
    1. Appalling, Headline-landing Graphic Tees
    This year saw a slew of kids tees that caused a public outcry — from Forever 21's "Allergic to Algebra" to JC Penny's "I'm Too Pretty to Do Homework." There was even a Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels tee that ruffled some feathers. Can we make 2012 the year where these sexist, self-esteem-ruining, overly sexualized messages stop being printed?
  • 2. Impractical/Sleazy Outfits 2 of 17
    2. Impractical/Sleazy Outfits
    Do I need to explain to a 6-year-old girl why sequin "booty shorts" aren't appropriate winter wear, GAP?
  • 3. Hair Feathers 3 of 17
    3. Hair Feathers
    The trend was cute enough for the summer months, but we can move on now — right?
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  • 4. Monster High 4 of 17
    4. Monster High
    Promoted as a line of dolls to help kids embrace their inner "freaks" and "imperfections," Monster High has become wildly popular for Mattel. Yet the ultra-skimpy clothes, heavy makeup, and teeny-tiny body proportions of the dolls aren't the fashion icons I'd want for my 6-year-old — especially because of the Monster High-inspired clothing and costumes that have resulted. These dolls aren't likely to go away by 2012, but can parents stop letting their little girls emulate the sexualized style? At least Barbie wears jeans.
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  • 5. Babekins 5 of 17
    5. Babekins
    Please tell me why your infant needs a string bikini. Where's her diaper?
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  • 6. Bad Retro Revivals 6 of 17
    6. Bad Retro Revivals
    No, these aren't from the set of Clarissa Explains It All — they're on the racks of your local Justice. If you're going to bring back retro trends, at least make them good ones.
  • 7. Angry Birds EVERYTHING 7 of 17
    7. Angry Birds EVERYTHING
    I'm over it. Aren't you?
    Image credit: Swaddle Designs, Fifth Sun, and Etsy
  • 8. Padded Bras for 7-year-olds 8 of 17
    8. Padded Bras for 7-year-olds
    Oy. Abercrombie caused quite a stir with their padded Ashley bikini top (which is still being sold with the word "padded" hidden in the description). But there are plenty of other padded bras for the pre-pre-teens, including an AA Girls' Maidenform bra, which one commenter described as having "really thick" padding that makes her look "WAYYY bigger" than she is. Calvin Klein also has a "kids" demi bra with underwire and padding. Why? I'm not quite sure.
  • 9. Sexy Halloween Costumes 9 of 17
    9. Sexy Halloween Costumes
    This isn't likely to go away before Halloween 2012, but a parent can dream.
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  • 10. SUPER-low-Rise Jeans 10 of 17
    10. SUPER-low-Rise Jeans
    If her underwear is constantly hanging out, they're too low.
    This pair comes from Delia's
  • 11. Little-girl Lingerie 11 of 17
    11. Little-girl Lingerie
    Another headline-grabber this year, the girls' line of lingerie from Jours Apres Lunes raised eyebrows — and rightfully so. Yet these racy kid photos are nothing compared to the crochless panties sold in a Colorado store called Kids N Teens. The trend of sexy kids underwear can go now.
  • 12. Bizarre Toddler Beauty Extremes 12 of 17
    12. Bizarre Toddler Beauty Extremes
    Mostly plucked from the scenes of Toddlers and Tiaras, extreme toddler beauty trends (like teeth whitening, spray tanning, waxing, and body building) are in danger of gaining momentum in 2012 — especially with makeup salons popping up for kids. When did at-home dress-up stop being enough?
  • 13. Baby Heels 13 of 17
    13. Baby Heels
    Teresa Giudice dresses her infant in these baby heels. Need we say more?
  • 14. Shape-Ups for Little Girls 14 of 17
    14. Shape-Ups for Little Girls
    Another huge controversy of 2011, Sketchers introduced Shape-Ups for little girls (designed to tone their legs and tiny tushes) — yet no little boy Shape-Ups can be found. These particular shoes shown (complete with Velcro) are available for preschoolers — at only $64.
  • 15. UGGS 15 of 17
    15. UGGS
    There's really no valid reason for eliminating UGGS in 2012. Except they're so ugly.
  • 16. Skin-tight Jeggings 16 of 17
    16. Skin-tight Jeggings
    Listen. I'm all for comfort — and some jeggings really do resemble jeans. But there are certain jeggings out there that are so skin-tight — so legging-like — that tweens should only be wearing them under skirts. Girls hit a certain age where you have to teach them that leggings are not pants — or else they'll go off to college thinking that sweatshirts, leggings, and UGGS are appropriate attire. And no one wants that. So instead of having to inspect each pair of jeggings for middle-school appropriateness, let's just eliminate them altogether. Jeans are pretty comfy as is.
  • 17. Crocs 17 of 17
    17. Crocs
    We can't keep allowing kids to think Crocs are cute. We just can't.


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