18 Fall Party Ideas, DIYs + Printables!

Happy October everyone!  It’s always a fun time of year to get into the entertaining mode.  From Halloween party planning and Dia de los Muertos to fall harvest entertaining. Here’s 18 ideas to be inspired by.

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  • "Jack"-O-Lantern 2 of 18

    Make a real pumpkin shot dispenser with these instructions using a beverage tap and a large candle stand.

    Get the how-to from Studs and Buttonholes.

  • Test Tube Shots 3 of 18

    Add some test tube shots to the mix with these lovelies from Martha Stewart. You can get them here.

    Photo from Studs and Buttonholes.

  • Indian Corn Centerpiece 4 of 18

    Create a lovely harvest centerpiece with indian corn bound with raffia.

    Image from

  • Cauldron Bubble Printable Banner 5 of 18

    Lure them to the beverages with this fun printable Cauldron Bubble banner.

    Get the printable (from Pottery Barn) by clicking here.  (Click on the Finishing Touch link).

  • Bewitching Invites 6 of 18

    Send out the invites with these free printables from the folks at Pottery Barn.

    Click here and click on Invitations.

  • Soda Pop Labels 7 of 18

    Swap out your pop labels for these spooky printables.

    Get them at

  • Pumpkin Decor Diorama 8 of 18

    Make a spooky pumpkin diorama for your party decor using a foam pumpkin and a miniature haunted house and bats that you can print out!

    Get the printable and how-to from The Paper Mama.

  • Recipe for Witches Brew 9 of 18

    Dry ice creates a foggy brew for this sweet and intoxicating rum cocktail.

    Get the recip from Pottery Barn here.

  • Black Zombie Rum 10 of 18

    A pair of rubber gloves are used to make these "ice" zombie hand ice cubes (more info next slide) for this rum-based cocktail.

    Get the how-to from

  • Ice Zombie Hands 11 of 18

    Get the recipe on how to make these spooky ice zombie hands from the folks at Pottery Barn.

    Click here for the instructions:


  • Cinnamon Broomstick 12 of 18

    Create a cinnamon stick broomstick for a special brew (see next slide) using a bamboo skewer as a joint.

    Click here for the full instructions.

  • Recipe: Witches Moon 13 of 18

    Warm up guests with this warm amaretto/Grand Marnier concoction.

    Get the recipe from Pottery Barn.

  • Bewitching Drink Dispenser Labels 14 of 18

    Print out labels for all your brews.  From Black Rum Zombie to Witches Moon, click here for the free printables.

  • Bewitching Caramel Apple Witches 15 of 18

    Print and cut out these bewitching printables using an xacto knife then insert onto the stems of your caramel apples.

    Visit Pottery Barn for the printables.

  • Lantern Cut-outs 16 of 18

    Print and cut out these lantern covers for a Dia de los Muertos Party.

    Get the printables by clicking here.

  • Dia de los Muertos Placecards 17 of 18

    Celebrate and pay tribute to ancestral past with these Dia de los Muertos placecard printables.

    Click here to download.

  • Blood Orange Margarita 18 of 18

    A delicious drink which looks super impressive in a glass dispenser.

    Click here for the recipe.

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