18 Gorgeous DIY Light Fixtures

New lighting is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to update the look of your home, but one glance at the prices of light fixtures prices might leave you searching for better, more affordable alternatives for brightening your home in style.

Thankfully, we don’t have to be limited by our pocketbooks when it comes to decorating with stunning lighting fixtures when there are countless ways to create our own in a variety of colors and styles. Best of all, we’re only limited by our imaginations!

  • Shine on! 1 of 19
    18 Gorgeous DIY Light Fixtures

    Take a look at 18 gorgeous light fixtures you can make yourself! Now go on and let your light shine!

  • Dodecahedron Pendant Light Fixture 2 of 19
    DIY Dodecahedron Pendant Light Fixture by Along the Way

    While the dodecahedron (12 pentagonal faces, 3 meeting at each vertex) model might have been suggested as theĀ global geometry of the universe, all we see is a magnificent masterpiece of lighting design. Made from 30 pieces of wood, this pendant light fixture is a DIYer's dream!

    Get the full tutorial at View Along the Way

  • Crochet lamps 3 of 19
    DIY Crochet lamps

    Have you ever seen lights so cute and cozy? We doubt it. Warm up your lights with these absolutely precious seashell lamp crochet patterns!

    Get the full tutorial at Crochet Today

  • Wood star light 4 of 19
    Big Barn Wood Star DIY Light Fixture by The Cavender Diary

    Could. not. love. this. star. light. fixture. more. Doesn't this great big barn wood star remind you of a vintage carnival? Big bold nostalgic flair makes this light fixture a true work of art.

    Get the full two-part tutorial (Part 1 and Part 2) at The Cavender Diary

  • Bowl wall sconce 5 of 19
    DIY Bowl wall sconce by Vintage Revivals

    There's nothing quite like functional design created from everyday objects. This wall sconce made from a simple bowl combines modern composition with vintage flair when paired with an Edison light bulb.

    Get the full tutorial at Vintage Revivals

  • Statement pendant 6 of 19
    DIY Statement pendant by Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

    I don't even know where to start with the amazingness that is this statement pendant. You simply have to see for yourself how a light fixture this incredible was created from egg crate diffusers. Mind = blown.

    Get the full tutorial at Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

  • Paper capiz shell chandelier 7 of 19
    DIY Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier by Brenna via Design Sponge

    Breathtaking, right? Semi-transparent Capiz shells with their pearlescent finish are known for their lavish design features. Now you can get the expensive look of Capiz shell for a fraction of the cost with wax paper. Yes, wax paper! Create your very own faux Capiz chandelier to make a dramatic design statement that only looks like it cost a fortune!

    Get the full tutorial at Design Sponge

  • White twig chandy 8 of 19
    White twig Chandy DIY by Funky Junk Interiors

    Transform willow branches and grapevines into a rustic chandelier! Perfect for adding natural texture and homespun elegance to shabby chic decor, this chandy is sure to be the crowning glory of any room!

    Get the full tutorial at Funky Junk Interiors

  • Plumbing pipe light 9 of 19
    Plumbing Pipe DIY Light Fixture by The Gathered Home

    Industrial trends in home decor are all the rage, but they don't come cheap. Fortunately for you, this incredible plumbing light fixture can made for less than $100!

    Get the full tutorial at The Gathered Home

  • Candle lantern chandelier 10 of 19
    DIY Candle lantern chandelier by Vintage revivals

    From candle holder to chic chandy in just 3 easy steps? We're sold! No need to spend a fortune on unique lighting fixtures when you can create your own to die for!

    Get the full tutorial at Vintage Revivals

  • Geometric lampshade 11 of 19
    DIY Geometric Lampshade by Weekday Carnival

    If you're looking to add a spark of contemporary flair, this sleek minimal chandy makes a bold ultramodern proclamation.

    Get the full tutorial from Riikka Kantinkoski of Weekday Carnival

  • Lantern light fixture 12 of 19
    Lantern light fixture DIY by The Shabby Creek Cottage

    Affordable lanterns can be found in a variety of colors and styles, so wouldn't it be great if pendant lights did too? Now they can when you convert a lantern into a stunning hanging light. Check out the tutorial to learn more.

    Get the full tutorial at The Shabby Creek Cottage

  • Modern paper lampshade 13 of 19
    Modern Paper Lampshade DIY by Curbly

    As symbols of good cheer and celebration, paper lanterns lend joy wherever they hang. Create some happiness in your home with these modern paper lampshades you can create yourself!

    Get the full tutorial at Curbly

  • Pendant light 14 of 19
    DIY thrift store pendant light makeover by Jennifer Rizzo

    If you've ever thrifted, you've likely seen piles of unattractive light fixtures that have seen better decades. And so it once was for this delightfully charming pendant light that is the result of a truly dramatic makeover! Click the tutorial to see the amazing "before" pics!

    Get the full tutorial at Jennifer Rizzo

  • Folded rope dome light 15 of 19
    Folded rope dome light DIY from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

    Dome lighting selections are generally pretty yawn-worthy, but this incredible folded rope dome light creates interest and beautifully diffused light with its intricate pattern. Go on, give this captivating fixture a try!

    Get the full tutorial at Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

  • Recipe light fixture 16 of 19
    Recipe Light Fixture from Knock Off Decor

    We're simply bewitched by the charm of this recipe light fixture! Perfect for a kitchen nook or dining area, this sweet chandelier bring a bit of old school flair wherever you break bread.

    Get the full tutorial at The Life of CK and Nate

  • Modern chandelier 17 of 19
    Modern Chandelier DIY by Curbly

    Got two hours and $10? That's all it takes to create this contemporary chandelier! I'm thinking these would make awesome gifts in various colors!

    Get the full tutorial at Curbly

  • Caged basket chandelier 18 of 19
    Caged basket chandelier by Vintage Revivals

    Can you believe this chandelier is made from two hanging flower baskets? Me neither! Check out how it's done to create a light fixture that literally and figuratively makes a room shine!

    Get the full tutorial at Vintage Revivals

  • String light 19 of 19
    String light by Look What I Made

    Creating this awesome string light is easier than it looks! Up the cool factor in any room of your home with this unique pendant design.

    Get the full tutorial at Look What I Made!

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