20 Amazing Kids Rooms

20 Amazing Kids Rooms via Babble

Are you looking for some fun and inspirational kids rooms for your little ones in 2013? These beautiful kids rooms will help you in decorating your own child’s space! We have found 20 Amazing Kids Rooms that you will definitely find inspiration from!

  • Simple Kids Room 1 of 20
    Simple Kids Room
    Love this simple kids room, with the banner above the bed by OMM Design. The bold patterned black & white rug ties this room all together!
    Image Credit: Pinterest
  • Bunk Beds 2 of 20
    Bunk Beds
    What a fun space! Try adding bunk beds to maximize your space! Bulky bunk beds don't have to be an eyesore in a bedroom, they can look great if done right!
    Image Credit: Caisak
  • Fun Kids Room 3 of 20
    Fun Kids Room
    Love this fun and whimsical room! You can create a cozy reading space, by displaying your child's favorite books on a wall display!
    Image Credit: Interieur-Coosje
  • Cute Kids Room 4 of 20
    Cute Kids Room
    Create a fun space with fun posters, books and banners on the wall by OMM Design. You can also hang colorful origami from the ceiling to add a playful touch to the room!
    Image Credit: Amerrymishap
  • Whimsical Kids Room 5 of 20
    Whimsical Kids Room
    A quirky room full of pops of art and color! Having art in your child's room from a young age is a great way to encourage an appreciation for art.
    Image Credit: Bolig
  • Castle In Kids Room 6 of 20
    Castle In Kids Room
    Wow, a castle in a kids room! Can I move in? You can Encourage your child's imagination by creating spaces that they can be playful in!
    Image Credit: Aprill Aprill
  • White Kids Room 7 of 20
    White Kids Room
    Create a cozy room with blankets and soothing colors. Free it of clutter. Choose one or two pieces of art for one wall and leave the rest alone.
    Image Credit: Nord Design
  • Tent In Kids Room 8 of 20
    Tent In Kids Room
    Add a tent in your child's space for hours of fun! It will also provide your child a special escape place.
    Image Credit: Weekday Carnival
  • Soothing Kids Room 9 of 20
    Soothing Kids Room
    Add touches of gray tones to your child's space to add a soothing space! You can also display paper lanterns hung from the ceiling to captivate the eye which can be a beautiful focal point.
    Image Credit: La Petite Magazine
  • Clouds Kids Room 10 of 20
    Clouds Kids Room
    The black & white Colors in this room makes it feel very calming! You can also add a fun cloud mobile above your child's bed.
    Image Credit: Bolig
  • Ferm Living Wallpaper 11 of 20
    Ferm Living Wallpaper
    Add wallpaper to just one wall of your kids room. Choose a wallpaper that the child can grow into.
    Image Credit: Kenziepoo
  • Black & White Kids Room 12 of 20
    Black & White Kids Room
    A modern and scandinavian retreat! Find a fun and unique pendant to hang from the ceiling and add quite a statement to the room!
    Image Credit: Amerrymishap
  • Gray & White Kids Room 13 of 20
    Gray & White Kids Room
    Add fun bedding and bunting to the wall for personality. This cute touch to your kids room will add a quick and easy update.
    Image Credit: Smam
  • Blue Kids Room 14 of 20
    Blue Kids Room
    Paint one wall with a soothing blue color, which will be very calming and serene! Blue works in any room of the house.
    Image Credit: Lovely Life
  • Soothing Kids Room 15 of 20
    Soothing Kids Room
    Super stylish and playful! Why not add a table to the center of the room! Your kids will spend hours of reading and coloring!
    Image Credit: Delikatissen
  • Pink Kids Room 16 of 20
    Pink Kids Room
    A fun pink and white room, perfect for your little Princess! Choose white and pops of light pink to your little girls room!
    Image Credit: La Petite Magazine
  • Fun Kids Room 17 of 20
    Fun Kids Room
    Try adding cute posters to the wall and hang Honeycomb balls from the ceiling. To Top it off you can add a beautiful pillow to add to your little ones bed!
    Image Credit: Weekday Carnival
  • Red Kids Room 18 of 20
    Red Kids Room
    To create a similar look to this room, you can paint your child's bed with a bright pop of color. The beautiful wallpaper in this room, adds a playfulness as well!
    Image Credit: Bolig
  • Yellow Kids Room 19 of 20
    Yellow Kids Room
    Add some bright colors to your Nursery or Kids Room for a fun and creative space! To get a similar look to this room you can make a beautiful canopy above your child's bed!
    Image Credit: Family Living
  • White Kids Room 20 of 20
    White Kids Room
    Add a fun workspace to your child's room! It doesn't have to be a big desk, but something that is functional!
    Image Credit: The Boo & The Boy

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