20 April Fools’ Day Products That Should Totally Exist

Yesterday was April Fools’ Day — which means the Internet is still recovering from its 24 hours of mayhem. This semi-holiday used to be reserved for harmless office pranks and silly “gotchas,” yet it’s now the source of well-executed prank advertisements from companies all over the map.

Everyone from Old Navy to Google got in on the April Fools’ Day action yesterday, and here are 20 of the best prank products yesterday’s shenanigans produced:

  • 20 Awesome Prank Products 1 of 21
    20 Awesome Prank Products
    A round-up of the funniest, coolest, they-should-totally-make-these prank products from April Fools' Day 2013.
  • Skip*Hop Sippy Helmet 2 of 21
    Skip*Hop Sippy Helmet
    "Just in time for Spring Break! Introducing our newest product — the Skip Hop Sippy Helmet. It holds 2 standard straw cups."

    At least it would limit the number of refills, AND protect their heads from bumps and bruises. Win, win.
    Photo via Skip*Hop Facebook page
  • Skip*Hop Bacon Flavored Teethers 3 of 21
    Skip*Hop Bacon Flavored Teethers
    This one was actually Skip*Hop's April Fool's Day prank product LAST YEAR, but it's a goodie worth revisiting.
    See more from Skip Hop
  • Old Navy’s Pupparoo Tee 4 of 21
    Old Navy's Pupparoo Tee
    "It's Tee-ruff-ic!"

    I mean....this is kind of adorable. (Until the dog poops in your shirt.)
    Photo via Old Navy's Facebook page.
  • BMW P.R.A.M 5 of 21
    BMW P.R.A.M
    BMW introduced their BMW P.R.A.M (Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile), complete with air conditioning and a paparazzi-proof hood.

    P.S. Maclaren actually DOES have a BMW Buggy, just without the flash.
  • Self-Respect Underwear 6 of 21
    Self-Respect Underwear
    In response to Victoria's Secret sexy underwear targeted to tweens and young teens, the Web site Cool Mom Picks April Foolsed us with this line of Self-Respect Underwear, with messages like "If you can read this you're too close..." and "My Dad Has A Gun."

    ...and why don't these exist?!
  • GroVia 7 of 21
    I love a company with a sense of humor, and I bet this would be a big seller — even just for the "Portlandia" fans out there.
    Picture via GroVia's Facebook page.
  • Scope Bacon Mouthwash 8 of 21
    Scope Bacon Mouthwash
    This one had A LOT of Scope fans fooled — and they liked what they saw. Do we have a Bacon-flavored mouthwash in our future? It would sure jump-start your appetite.
    Photo via Scope Mouthwash Facebook page.
  • Birchbox Subscription Boxes 9 of 21
    Birchbox Subscription Boxes
    If it weren't for the $20/month price tag, I personally know a few organization junkies who would want pretty boxes delivered to their doors.
    See more from Birchbox blog
  • Nokia’s First Microwave Oven 10 of 21
    Nokia's First Microwave Oven
    Nokia introduced their Nokia 5AM-TH1N6 Constellation — a touch-screen oven with crazy features like a built-in PureFood camera that automatically shares your food via social networks.

    I mean, I know the features are implausible, but it kinda looks cool. Read more from Nokia.
  • American Eagle SKINNY SKINNY Spray-On Jeans 11 of 21
    American Eagle SKINNY SKINNY Spray-On Jeans
    Not that these SHOULD exist (no, no, no), but are they really that much of a stretch from leggings-as-pants? Also cool: American Eagle is giving us $10 off any pair of (real) AE jeans with the coupon code 51628051.

    See the hilarious College Humor video with American Eagle about their Skinny Skinny jeans.
  • Google Adds 12 of 21
    Google Adds
    On behalf of my pirate-loving husband and son, this is kind of awesome.
    See the Google Treasure Maps video.
  • Google 13 of 21
    How long until this actually exists?
    See the Google Nose prank video.
  • Roku Streaming Shades 14 of 21
    Roku Streaming Shades
    Watch TV on-the-go with the brand new Roku Streaming Shades, 3 cm away from your eyes. It would sure make those long subway commutes more bearable, no?
    See more from the Roku Blog.
  • Wayfair HydroRoom Collection 15 of 21
    Wayfair HydroRoom Collection that grows from tiny pills. (It sure would make moving A LOT easier.)
    See more from Wayfair.
  • REI Adventure Kitten Gear 16 of 21
    REI Adventure Kitten Gear
  • Pizza Tic Tacs 17 of 21
    Pizza Tic Tacs
    I personally find this revolting, but I imagine there's a fan base out there.
    Prank via Tic Tac's Twitter: @TicTacUSA.
  • Sharpie Cheeseburger Collection 18 of 21
    Sharpie Cheeseburger Collection
    With scents like "catsup red," "cheddar orange," and "beefy brown."

    ...And the Sharpie Facebook community went nuts with requests. Photo via Sharpie Facebook page.
  • Seamless 19 of 21
    Order your food AND a little eye candy on the side. Why not?
    See more from Seamless.
  • Virgin Atlantic Glass-Bottomed Plane 20 of 21
    Virgin Atlantic Glass-Bottomed Plane
    I might need an extra Xanax before getting on, but this is pretty cool.
    See more from
  • Sony “Animalia” Line, #techforpets 21 of 21
    Sony "Animalia" Line, #techforpets
    Even Sony proved they have a sense of humor with their elaborate April Fools' #techforpets campaign — featuring headphones for cats, paw-friendly remotes, and in-cage speakers for hamsters.

    See more from Sony's fake Web page

What do you think? Which of these April Fools’ products would you actually buy?


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