20 Awesome DIYs to Do Now for the Holidays

Plan on getting a head start this year for the holidays? I know it’s not even Halloween yet, but if you’re like me,  I always get caught scrambling near the end of November. I’m always exhausted and never really ready to enjoy them when they do come. So this year I promised myself I would be a little more prepared. Too early for you? Then perhaps bookmark them for the upcoming season.  I’m loving some of them! The cardboard Christmas tree is perfect for a holiday away from home — just fold and pack. The baby moccasins might take some time to make and are so adorable for a special little one, the paper stars would be perfect to decorate a gift, adorn a tree, or hang from the ceiling in front of a window.  Here’s 20 awesome “do now” DIYs for the holidays:

  • Paper Stars 1 of 19
    Paper Stars
    A great idea to top gifts with or hang from tree or ceiling!
    Get the instructions at Home by Linn
  • Pretty See-Through Mason Jars 2 of 19
    Pretty See-Through Mason Jars
    Use for tea lights, this version of the painted mason jar looks like stained glass.
    Get the instructions at Lilyshop
  • Stick Hobby Horse 3 of 19
    Stick Hobby Horse
    A perfect handmade gift for a little one.
    Get the instructions at
  • Makedo Christmas Tree 4 of 19
    Makedo Christmas Tree
    Perfect for a holiday away from home, just fold and pack
    Get the instructions at (Photo/Author Makedo)
  • Paper Garland 5 of 19
    Paper Garland
    Make some beautiful paper garlands for all the indoor doors!
    Get the instructions at Sweet Paul Magazine
  • Geometric Tags 6 of 19
    Geometric Tags
    Embellish a gift with these lovely geometric clay tags or ornaments.
    Get the instructions at Creature Comforts Blog
  • Handmade Moccasins 7 of 19
    Handmade Moccasins
    An adorable little gift idea for that special someone.
    Get the instructions at
  • A Little Scandinavian 8 of 19
    A Little Scandinavian
    Make a Decahedron Himmeli Mobile (a little Scandinavian holiday inspiration).
    Get the instructions at Aunt Peaches
  • Recycle Sweater to Mittens 9 of 19
    Recycle Sweater to Mittens
    Make your own mittens from an old recycled sweater.
    Get the instructions at A Beautiful Mess
  • Plant Some Bulbs 10 of 19
    Plant Some Bulbs
    I always forget to do this and end up buying them, but this year I plan to plant some bulbs! Love these planted in old tins.
    Inspiration from
  • Origami Stars 11 of 19
    Origami Stars
    Get started on making some adorable origami stars to string about.
    Get the instructions at
  • Paper Ornaments 12 of 19
    Paper Ornaments
    Make some lovely ornaments for the tree.
    Get the instructions at A Lovely Lark
  • Rustic Snowflakes 13 of 19
    Rustic Snowflakes
    Gather twigs now for this fun fall craft.
    Get the instructions at
  • Set Up A Wrapping Paper Station 14 of 19
    Set Up A Wrapping Paper Station
    Set up a handy wrapping station (this one brilliantly hiding behind a closet door)!
    Get the instructions at
  • Origami Star 15 of 19
    Origami Star
    A charming DIY ornament template by Jun Mitani.
    Get the instructions at
  • Wrap It All Wine Totes 16 of 19
    Wrap It All Wine Totes
    Make these 70's inspired macrame wine bottle totes.
    Get the instructions at
  • Vintage Book Flowers 17 of 19
    Vintage Book Flowers
    Add these book-inspired vintage book flowers to a gift.
    Get the instructions at
  • Star Garland 18 of 19
    Star Garland
    Make this adorable garland using cardboard stars (with holes punched in the center and jute string).
    Image from
  • DIY Holiday Paper Decorations 19 of 19
    DIY Holiday Paper Decorations
    Beautiful paper garland downloadable templates from House and Home. (Author: @Sarah Hartill Photographer: Michael Graydon).
    Get the instructions at

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