20 Clever Spring Gardening Tips from IKEA


As they say, if March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb, and in our parts (the west coast that is) it looks like we’re in for a lion’s entrance with a pineapple express of rain on its way. But the good news is, the flowers will be appearing and spring will soon be on its way for all! So with that thought, I’ve gathered some clever spring gardening tips — all very budget-friendly — from your friendly neighborhood IKEA. Many things you may already have that can take on a new purpose from old soda cans or coffee mugs to coat hangers to vases. Check them out below!

  • A Coat Hanger 1 of 20
    A Coat Hanger
    A coat hanger becomes a plant stand. TURBO Clothes Rack.
    Purchase at for $44.99
  • Waste Sorting Bag Planter 2 of 20
    Waste Sorting Bag Planter
    A DIMPA waste sorting bag can double as a cute little planter.
    Purchase at for $5.99
  • Multi-Use Hanger 3 of 20
    Multi-Use Hanger
    A multi-use hanger normally used for belts and scarves becomes support for climbing vines and plants. KOMPLEMENT Hanger.
    Purchase at for $7.99
  • Large Planter 4 of 20
    Large Planter
    A large planting pot like SOCKER can hold smaller pots to make watering easier.
    Purchase at for $8.99
  • Upcycling 5 of 20
    Upcycle old aluminium cans into planters.
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  • Seedling Starter 6 of 20
    Seedling Starter
    Toilet paper rolls can be used to start seedlings which can then be put into a clear plastic SAMLA box greenhouse.
    More info at
  • Classic Clay 7 of 20
    Classic Clay
    You can never go wrong with a classic and versatile clay planter.
    Purchase at for $2.29 - $7.99
  • Make A Window Garden 8 of 20
    Make A Window Garden
    A lovely idea using various shelves and shelf inserts for a pretty and handy window garden.
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  • Shelf Inserts 9 of 20
    Shelf Inserts
    Stack shelf inserts on top of each other to make room for seedlings in a window garden.
    Purchase at for $.99 - $5.99
  • Hanging Plants 10 of 20
    Hanging Plants
    The GRUNDTAL rail and PET plastic containers are great for hanging plants.
    Purchase at for $9.99
  • Bakeware Planter 11 of 20
    Bakeware Planter
    Silicone baking cups make for a fun way to start a new seed.
    Purchase at for $4.99 (pack of 6)
  • Vase Turns Greenhous 12 of 20
    Vase Turns Greenhous
    Flip over a BLADET vase for an instant individual sized greenhouse.
    Purchase at for $9.99 - $19.99
  • CASHEWNÖT Planter 13 of 20
    CASHEWNÖT Planter
    A plant pot with a drain hole and saucer.
    Purchase at for $4.99 - $16.99
  • A Tall Drink of Plant 14 of 20
    A Tall Drink of Plant
    A POKAL drinking glass turns planter.
    Purchase at for $0.59 - $2.99 (pack of 6)
  • Tea Cup Planter 15 of 20
    Tea Cup Planter
    A cute gift idea or fun for decorating a table for a tea party.
    Purchase at for $4.99
  • Mug Planter 16 of 20
    Mug Planter
    Another fun gift or table idea, or even for the counter top.
    Purchase at for $2.99
  • Make a Garden Diorama 17 of 20
    Make a Garden Diorama
    Create an adorable scene in a mini SOCKER greenhouse.
    Purchase at for $19.99
  • A Hanging Shelf 18 of 20
    A Hanging Shelf
    Fashion a handmade hanging shelf with a board and a rope for a fun outdoor spring scene.
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  • Tin Man 19 of 20
    Tin Man
    A cute ORTIG planter set for herbs. (in store only)
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  • Cookware Planter 20 of 20
    Cookware Planter
    Cookware easily turns into a lovely hanging planter!
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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