20 Cool Decorating Tricks for the Home

I love decorating ideas that take something that is normally used for one thing and then use it for something else.  Or maybe it’s used for many different ways all at once.  Over the years I’ve gathered many of these what I call Cool Decorating Tricks and I thought it would be fun to bring them here for a slideshow along with some I have found around online.

Above: Varied sizes of wooden knobs used as hooks.  Such a great idea for a bathroom or even entrance area.  Via Bodie and Fou. Photo credit: Carole Whiting who has a lovely shop in Australia and her husband at

  • A Log Handrail 1 of 19
    A Log Handrail
    How fun is this handrail made from a found oak log?. I like that they left the bark in tact. Great for a summer cabin or rustic-inspired home. Via photo: Gridley + Graves for Country Living.
  • Crate Pallet Plant Stand/Platform 2 of 19
    Crate Pallet Plant Stand/Platform
    This crate shipping pallet used as a plant stand/platform from the Swedish blog, Lolita. The greyish-black that it's painted contrasts well against the clay terracotta planters holding all those lovely cacti don't you think?
  • Scrabble Shelves 3 of 19
    Scrabble Shelves
    Old wooden Scrabble racks make great display shelves for your finds. Simply glue to a wall & arrange your things! From the clever folks at Present and Correct.
  • Tray Magnetic Message Boards 4 of 19
    Tray Magnetic Message Boards
    A unique message board idea found in Canadian Family Magazine, featuring their editor, Jen Reynold's kitchen. Two yard sale metal trays are hung with wire wrapped from handle to handle.
  • Freshen Up A Staircase 5 of 19
    Freshen Up A Staircase
    Pink painted staircase in glossy hot pink brings lots of color and style, and so easy to do. Photo by Michael Graydon for the former Canadian magazine, Wish.
  • Window Bracket 6 of 19
    Window Bracket
    This decorated shelf bracket turns into a window holder for those summer days. A brilliant idea that came from the summer '08 issue of the former magazine, Wish. mage from Wish Magazine (bracket in image from Rizo Home, Toronto). racket samples shown from Anthropologie (circa 2008).
  • Photo Headboard 7 of 19
    Photo Headboard
    This idea from a beautiful hotel on the island of Folegandoes in Greece, The Anemi. The rooms (by designer Stavros Papayiannis) in this hotel are really rather serene and modern in design, using white walls with grey trim in most of them. this allows for the large photo canvases (project idea) to really pop out when used as either bed headboards or large backdrops.
  • Recycled Wine Crate Shelves 8 of 19
    Recycled Wine Crate Shelves
    A super fun idea from Cin Decor. Pull out the google translator for this one, but I think by looking at it you get the idea.
  • Many Rugs Become One 9 of 19
    Many Rugs Become One
    I think this idea is brilliant if you like a particular rug, but it's too small for the space you want it in. Sew them together to make one large area rug, or sew end to end to create one long hallway rug. From Swedish site,
  • Succulents in Suitcase 10 of 19
    Succulents in Suitcase
    Liven up some old luggage with a little bit of succulent action to create a quaint little vignette. Via Apartment Therapy.
  • Room Divider/Closet Does Quadruple Duty 11 of 19
    Room Divider/Closet Does Quadruple Duty
    This closet from IKEA's 2012 magazine becomes a room divider, holds the lighting, is a headboard and a storage closet. Tricky! Via Apartment Therapy
  • Trays + Stools = Tables 12 of 19
    Trays + Stools = Tables
    This clever idea I blogged about back in 2007. And I still use it today for some succulents I have displayed on one of them out on a balcony. Image from Martha Stewart.
  • Bull Dog Clip Idea 13 of 19
    Bull Dog Clip Idea
    This is an old idea (back from 2007) that can still work in maybe an office mood board idea or something like this even. (From the August issue of Sköna Hem).
  • Bathroom Equipment 14 of 19
    Bathroom Equipment
    A usual kitchen hardware piece the GRUNDTAL from IKEA does double duty in the bathroom to hold bathroom tools. Via Apartment Therapy (Image: Flickr member licensed for use by Creative Commons) /
  • The Backyard Urban Cottage 15 of 19
    The Backyard Urban Cottage
    Love this idea from the latest issue of Covet Magazine and the backyard urban cottage of publisher Vicki and daughters Lily and Piper. By clearing out the clutter, Vicki turned her garage into a summer time space they call the Beach House that comes complete with a loft for sleepovers. Click here to see. (Photo by Tracy Shumate).
  • Bookshelf for a Headboard 16 of 19
    Bookshelf for a Headboard
    Such a brilliant idea for a headboard from the folks at House and Home.
  • Recycled Bottle Hanging Vases 17 of 19
    Recycled Bottle Hanging Vases
    A fun little DIY for an impromptu dinner maybe at the cottage? These hanging vases are of course made from recycled plastic pop bottles and would also be great decorated with stones on the bottom to hold a single centered flower or maybe with slices of limes or oranges as suggested from where we found this, at the Spanish site, Micasa. (Instructions there also if you need them).
  • Wish You Were Here Wall 18 of 19
    Wish You Were Here Wall
    Hanging a grouping of pictures using different colours of washi tape is a really cool decorating trick don't you think? The washi tape doesn't take the paint off your walls, so you can hang away to much delight. From Livingetc.
  • A Pile of Suitcases. 19 of 19
    A Pile of Suitcases.
    Love this little corner of a room coming from the studio of Yolie3 out of California that recently uploaded to our Art of Display pool. Piles of anything always works.


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