20 Crafty Workspace + Storage Ideas from Ikea

I’ve been longing for a little organization in the craft department as it seems the bits and bobs are starting to take over.  I came across a few clever ideas via Ikea the other day and so along with it, came up with what I think are some pretty crafty ideas for storage.

First off, I’ve always liked the idea of using a closet as a workspace, and here the folks at IKEA did a great job utilizing every nook and cranny.  Let’s break it down shall we? Check out the slideshow below.

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  • Closet as a Workspace 2 of 20

    I've always liked the idea of using a closet as a workspace, and here the folks at IKEA did a great job utilizing every nook and cranny.  Let's break it down shall we?

  • Rail Wrap Storage 3 of 20

    Add rails to a side door to keep kraft and wrapping paper handy!

    FINTORP rail, $7.99 - $9.99

  • Pen + Scissors Caddies 4 of 20

    A rail and cutlery caddy is a smart solution for storing items used often, like pens, scissors etc.

    FINTORP rail and planters, $3.99 to $9.99

  • Chalkboard Organizer 5 of 20

    Store keys, your mobile phone, mail, all in one spot.  Attach to a door to keep it out of the way, or display it out in the open for easy access.

    LUNS Writing/magnetic board, $1499.

  • Ribbon Storage 6 of 20

    Another idea using rails, storing ribbon.

    FINTORP rail, $7.99 - $9.99

  • Magnetic Tool Storage 7 of 20

    A clever way to store scissors and pins with a magnetic knife rack.

    FINTORP magnetic knife rack, $11.99

  • Cork Bulletin Boards 8 of 20

    Add a corkboard or two to pin inspiration, reminders, etc.

    VAGGIS Noticeboard, $6.99.

  • New Life for Plastic Bag Storage 9 of 20

    The plastic bag dispenser can be used to not only store plastic bags, but use to store rolls of wrapping paper! Click here to see an example.

    VARIERA plastic bag dispenser, $2.99

  • Storage Boxes 10 of 20

    Stack up storage boxes filled with all your crafty goodies and magazines.

    Click here for various storage boxes and baskets.

  • Overhead Storage 11 of 20

    Clever pull out storage allows for you to take the boxes with you.

    KUPOL pull-out storage, $12/each

  • Custom Storage Space 12 of 20

    Personalize a storage area with textile strips glued onto shelving units.

    LACK shelving, $19.99 - $29.99

  • Organize with a Light 13 of 20

    Having good light helps to make a good crafting workspace. A desk lamp like this can also be moved for better lighting wherever needed.

    FORSÃ…Work lamp, black, $29.99
  • Sameness 14 of 20

    Keep things neat and tidy looking using same colored storage furniture, boxes and magazine holders.

    Click here for various storage boxes and baskets.

    3 Drawer Ivar chests (stacked on each other and painted grey). $119

  • Mix Up the Storage 15 of 20

    Mixing up the storage to create a personal "look" is an easy way to stay organized and keeps everything you need in your workspace within arm's reach. Shown here: FÖRHÖJA $14.99  and ÄTRAN Lockable cabinet $29.99.

  • Desk Idea 16 of 20

    Choose your own table top design, place it on legs or on drawer units.

    LINNMON Table Top, $10.99

  • Decoupage a Table 17 of 20

    This is the first one I found and loved what IKEA did with a VIKA AMON table top for a teen's room.  Show off your favourite anime, band, or I'm thinking florals with a custom table top.  It takes scissors, glue, creativity and a whole lotta fun! Table legs VIKA LILLEBY $15 US

  • Drawer Space 18 of 20

    A handy drawer unit with different sized drawers can hold multiple-sized items like papers, art supplies, glues, etc.


    ALEX Drawer Unit, $79.99

  • Shelf Paper Display 19 of 20

    Leave the door open and enjoy the beautiful display with a little shelf paper placed on the back versus on the shelf itself. Great for buttons and things (or candy)!

    Isala cabinet $179, IKEA PS 2012 armchair, red $79.99 SEK, BURKEN jar with lid, clear glass, aluminum $3.99.

    (Image via Livet Hemma)

  • Inspiration Wall 20 of 20

    Create an inspiration wall where items and images can be removed and exchanged easily with little pegs.

    DIGNITET steel cable curtain wire. $4.99 to $12.99

    (image via Livet Hemma)

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