20 Free + Awesome Summer Activities to Do with Your Kids


Summertime is here! You might have big plans for the summer, but do you know how you’ll keep the kids away from summer boredom? We’ve collected 20 free and awesome ways to keep your kids creative and active this summer. All these ideas are genius! Keep reading to see them all…

  • Obstacle Course 1 of 20
    Obstacle Course
    A perfect activity for a little adventurous kid!
    See it here Tip Junkie
  • Bottle Cap Magnets 2 of 20
    Bottle Cap Magnets
    What a great way to re-use those bottle caps, and a fun activity to do with kids too.
    See it here at BHG
  • Rainbow Crayons 3 of 20
    Rainbow Crayons
    A really fun way to re-use those broken crayons at the bottom of the box.
    See it here at Say Yes to Hoboken
  • Paper Tops 4 of 20
    Paper Tops
    What kid doesn't love a spinning top, especially if they've made it themselves!
    See it here Martha Stewart
  • Tic Tac Towel 5 of 20
    Tic Tac Towel
    Fun way to pass time at the beach and re-use your old towels!
    See it here at Martha Stewart
  • Chalk Art 6 of 20
    Chalk Art
    A box of chalk and a decorative sidewalk is all you need for this fun summer activity.
    See it here NYC Taught Me
  • Handmade Slime 7 of 20
    Handmade Slime
    Slime! Make your own and let your kids ooze it through their hands.
    See it here at Run Lucas Run
  • Awesome Homemade Sprinkler 8 of 20
    Awesome Homemade Sprinkler
    How smart to turn your sprinkler into a whole sprinkler system! The whole neighborhood will come by for this one!
    See it here at Home Spun Threads
  • Sponge Balls 9 of 20
    Sponge Balls
    These sponge balls would be a fun way to jazz up your outdoor water play games!
    See it here at One Charming Party
  • Cork Stamps 10 of 20
    Cork Stamps
    A genius way to re-use those corks you have sitting around and a pretty result too!
    See it here at Martha Stewart
  • Car Wash 11 of 20
    Car Wash
    Doesn't this rainbow car wash look amazing? Your kids will flip out driving their cars through!
    See it here SF Chronicle
  • Outdoor Painting 12 of 20
    Outdoor Painting
    Huge rolls of paper and a fence, plus some brushes and paint. You've got a fun summer afternoon!
    See it here at Stay at Home Moms
  • Giant Bubble Wands 13 of 20
    Giant Bubble Wands
    I've always wanted to make these. What kid doesn't love gigantic bubbles in the yard!
    See it here Craftzine
  • Clay Beads 14 of 20
    Clay Beads
    These clay beads are fun to make and beautiful to wear. Your kids will spend all afternoon working on their creations too.
    See it here at BHG
  • Personalized Cups 15 of 20
    Personalized Cups
    I love the idea of getting your kids to help personalize your kitchen cups! Lovely graphic result too.
    See it here at BHG
  • Book Club 16 of 20
    Book Club
    I remember having book clubs when I was younger. Such a great (and educational) way to use those summer days!
    See it here at BHG
  • Painted Sneakers 17 of 20
    Painted Sneakers
    Decorate those plain white sneakers with paint and stencils. Fun afternoon activity!
    See it here at Martha Stewart
  • Boat Building 18 of 20
    Boat Building
    Indoors or outdoors, this is a fun activity for little adventurous kid.
    See it here at Say Yes to Hoboken
  • Busy Summer Box 19 of 20
    Busy Summer Box
    When in doubt, but together a giant box of craft supplies and let your kid's imagination go to work.
    See it here at Makes and Takes
  • Paper Airport 20 of 20
    Paper Airport
    So much to do with a huge roll of kraft paper. Your kids could spend hours with this paper airport.
    See it here at Say Yes to Hoboken



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