Gifts for Men: 20 Gifts Your Husband Will Love

*According to my husband. While I can’t guarantee every husband (or boyfriend, or brother) will love every item on this list, I’m sure you’ll find a few that inspire you to find just the right item to make him feel understood and appreciated this holiday. From stocking stuffers for men to total splurges, here’s 20 gift ideas for the man in your life…

  • Rugged Gloves 1 of 19
    Rugged Gloves
    Thick, buttery, rugged gloves that only get better as the years pass.
    Norse Projects Staale Gloves, $150 at Need Supply.
  • IPad Case 2 of 19
    IPad Case
    Pure wool case with geometric design in classic Pendleton style.
    Pendleton iPad case, $68 at Pendleton USA.
  • Mending Kit 3 of 19
    Mending Kit
    Real men are able to mend a torn cuff or sew a button.
    Mending Kit, $35 at Blackbird Ballard.
  • Acoustic Speaker Dock 4 of 19
    Acoustic Speaker Dock
    This solid wood speaker doesn't use any electronics, amplifying sound acoustically through the shape of the wood.
    Mini koo, $70 at Koostik.
  • Bronze Eagle 5 of 19
    Bronze Eagle
    A bronze eagle is awesome. That is all.
    Vintage eagle figurine on wood stand, $58 at Bell Jar SF.
  • Horn Coasters 6 of 19
    Horn Coasters
    Horns look manly in any shape. These would make the perfect accessory for the den.
    Roost Horn Coasters, $14 at Velocity Art and Design.
  • Lux Weekend Bag 7 of 19
    Lux Weekend Bag
    A total splurge, but if he racks up miles George Clooney-style it's just the thing.
    Chocolate Wax weekender, $485 at Ernest Alexander.
  • Aviators 8 of 19
    The iconic aviator shape re-imagined in lightweight propionate.
    Cats 5000 sunglasses, $135 at Ray Ban.
  • Leather Wallet 9 of 19
    Leather Wallet
    Beautifully handmade in New York of luxurious leather, this wallet only gets better with age.
    Cordovan flap slim wallet, $200 at Makr.
  • Elegant Undershirts 10 of 19
    Elegant Undershirts
    Slim fit crew neck undershirts made from lightweight Pima cotton and perfectly packaged for presents.
    Crew neck undershirts 2 pack, $102 at Choctaw Ridge.
  • Gray on Gold Watch 11 of 19
    Gray on Gold Watch
    The gray and rose gold combo on this watch is subtly sophisticated.
    Micheal Kor's Runway Time Teller Watch, $225 at Shopbop.
  • Eagle Money Clip & Knife 12 of 19
    Eagle Money Clip & Knife
    Handcrafted scrimshaw money clip made using historic mariner tradtional artistry also features a small fold out knife. Why? Because it makes him feel manly.
    Eagle Money Clip Knife, $98 atCXXVI.
  • Classic Thermos 13 of 19
    Classic Thermos
    This heavy duty classic takes warm drinks or food on hikes or on the job.
    Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle, $49.95 at Backcountry.
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate 14 of 19
    Mexican Hot Chocolate
    Intense cocoas with cinnamon and a touch of spice.
    Kekua Xocol Hot Chocolate, $16 at Dean and Deluca.
  • Knife Sharpener 15 of 19
    Knife Sharpener
    Now he can sharpen any blade at any time for any reason (for example, dullness, or to feel manly).
    WR Case Diamond Sharpener, $41 at Blackbird Ballard.
  • Click Multi Tool 16 of 19
    Click Multi Tool
    Under 2 inches long and available in five colors, this gadget contains seven tools that will allow him to perform nearly any roadside adjustment.
    Click Multi Tool, $8 at Mission Bicycle.
  • Business Card Holder 17 of 19
    Business Card Holder
    This business card holder has a cut out that allows him to pop out a single card with his thumb. Pretty cool.
    Nic business card dispenser, $20 at Canoe Online.
  • Universal Knife Block 18 of 19
    Universal Knife Block
    Instead of traditional slots, this knife block uses bamboo to allow any size knife to fit inside.
    Knife Block Small, $55 at Lekker Home.
  • Whiskey Stones 19 of 19
    Whiskey Stones
    These soapstone cubes chill a drink without diluting it. Pair them with a bottle of fine whiskey for a lovely gift.
    Whiskey Stones, $19.50 for set of nine, at Uncommon Goods.

Jaime Morrison Curtis is author of the bestselling book Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman) and founding co-editor at Prudent Baby, the premier DIY destination for crafty moms seeking ways to make their lives even more stylish and beautiful.

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