20 Incredible Artists on Etsy

I’m in the process of compiling this year’s Top 50 Etsy Moms, which is one of my favorite features every year. Of course it’s an overwhelming task to sift through the countless Etsy shops — all bursting with ingenuity and mind-blowing talent — but it’s also one of the greatest reminders of the creativity around us every day. Yet I kept finding myself bummed when a shop owner isn’t a parent (since the piece is about Etsy moms), so I figured I’d highlight some of the incredible artists I’ve come across — both parents and non-parents.

It used to be that you’d have to go to an art gallery to find talented local artists, yet now we can find original, beautiful art online — much in part to the art community on Etsy. Take a look at 20 incredible artists (who sell prints of their work for reasonable prices) on Etsy:

  • Trafalgar’s Square 1 of 20
    Trafalgar's Square
    The husband-and-wife team behind Trafalgar's Square, Adam and Kit, makes these beautiful illustrations, perfect for a baby nursery.
  • Ashley Goldberg 2 of 20
    Ashley Goldberg
    Ashley (of "Ashley G") is one of the most popular artists on Etsy, with over 13,000 sales.
  • Belle & Boo 3 of 20
    Belle & Boo
    Friends Mandy and Kate are behind the popular Etsy shop over in England. Mandy's drawings look as if they're straight from the pages of your favorite children's story, don't they?
  • Berkley Illustration 4 of 20
    Berkley Illustration
    Ryan (a self-taught artist) and Lucy (who has a BFA in photography) are inspired by comics, super heros and toys in their often-amusing (and impeccably created) art.
  • Gingiber 5 of 20
    Stacie uses her popular Etsy shop as a creative outlet on the side to her daily academic job, which turned into a must-see Etsy site for art.
  • Amber Alexander 6 of 20
    Amber Alexander
    Amber, who recently had her watercolor art featured in a children's book, creates all of her art in Vermont.
  • The Black Apple 7 of 20
    The Black Apple
    Emily Martin of "The Black Apple" is THEE number one selling artist on Etsy, with over 35,000 sales. Definitely a must-see.
  • Michele Maude 8 of 20
    Michele Maude
    Another incredible artist, Michele Maude (who has been making art for 10 years) works part-time in a grocery store.
  • DazeyChic 9 of 20
    Shelli Dorfe, the artist behind the DazeyChic shop, creates inspirational, heart-warming prints that fit in just about any room.
  • Sarah Jane Studios 10 of 20
    Sarah Jane Studios
    Sarah Jane's vintage-looking art is inspired by "make believe with her children, vintage children's books, bedtime snuggles...cottage spaces, family time, wooded paths...and simple living."
  • Blancucha 11 of 20
    Blanca Gomez, an artist in Spain, makes some of my favorite art prints on Etsy.
  • Dog Art Studio 12 of 20
    Dog Art Studio
    Does your pet feel left out staring at the wall of family pictures? Ron Krajewsi (a self-taught artist) has a successful Etsy shop selling pet portraits.
  • This is All I Know 13 of 20
    This is All I Know
    Amanda Blake of the "This is All I Know" shop sells prints of her original oil paintings, which have a richness and depth beyond the typical Etsy art.
  • Nan Lawson 14 of 20
    Nan Lawson
    Nan Lawson, an illustrator, photographer and blogger in LA, was able to quit her 9-to-5 and be a full-time Etsy shop owner.
  • Be Happy Now 15 of 20
    Be Happy Now
    Jenny of "Be Happy Now" is an artist in Israel who claims to be living in a dream world made of her imagination, which she shows us all in her art.
  • Sophie Blackall 16 of 20
    Sophie Blackall
    Sophie Blackall is one of the most accomplished artists on Etsy, having illustrated for various publications (like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Gourmet), animated commercials, illustrated 18 children's books and recently collaborated with pop star Mika on visual pieces. Her latest series, Missed Connections (available on Etsy), will be made into a book in 2012.
  • Tuesday Mourning 17 of 20
    Tuesday Mourning
    Merrilee (an illustrator, painter, designer, crafter and mother) is frequently featured on design blogs for her unique, beautifully designed prints.
  • Elizabeth Bauman 18 of 20
    Elizabeth Bauman
    Elizabeth Bauman, an artist based out of Oregon, uses her character-driven paintings to tell stories.
  • Love Sugar Design Studio 19 of 20
    Love Sugar Design Studio
    Nicole and Jimmy Chung are the husband-and-wife team behind LoveSugar, which combines Jimmy's illustrations with Nicole's graphic designs for inspirational, feel-good pieces.
  • Pinkytoast 20 of 20
    Another popular Etsy shop, Pinktoast is a Brooklyn-based artist with a soft spot for all things sweet and sour.

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Shopping Sources:

1. My Favorite Book is Blue, Trafalgars Square

2. A Look Only You Would Understand, AshleyG

3. Found, BelleandBoo

4. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, Berkley Illustration

5. Owlphabet, Gingiber

6. Squirrel Art – Olive, Amber Alexander

7. Kitten Bandit The Black Apple (also featured in the main image)

8. The Wait, Michele Maule

9. You Dropped from Heaven Dazey Chic

10. Oh Happu Day, Sarah Jane Studios

11. In the Neighborhood, Blancucha

12. Wheaton Terrier Dog, Dog Art Studio

13. Charlotte Wore Wings Made of the Forest, This is All I Know

14. The Brainstormer, Nan Lawson

15. Music Big Print, Be Happy Now

16. My Dreamy Neighbor, Sophie Blackall

17.  Yellow Bicycle Print, Tuesday Mourning

18.  The Big White Bow, Elizabeth Bauman

19.  Toi et Moi, LoveSugar

20. Rainbows in her Pocket, Pinkytoast

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