20 Last-Minute Halloween Party Ideas

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Throwing a Halloween Party this weekend? If you’re a little (or a lot!) behind in your party planning, or if you’re just looking for some cool finishing touches, here are 20 of our favorite last-minute ideas that are easy, fast and affordable:

  • Happy Halloween Printable Party Decor Complete, $12 1 of 20
    Happy Halloween Printable Party Decor Complete, $12
    Etsy isn't lacking in printable party ideas, and we especially love this Halloween pack for both kids and adults. This set comes with over 39 party logo designs, multiple bottle wraps, party labels (blank and pre-designed), favor tags, candy bar wrappers (mini and large), 7 coordinating patterned papers, and a pennant banner.
    Buy from: Anders Ruff/Etsy
  • Halloween Part Printable (60% Off), $8 2 of 20
    Halloween Part Printable (60% Off), $8
    If you're planning a Halloween party for kids this weekend, we ADORE this printable set including cupcake topper diamonds, background diamonds, round logos (for anything!), cupcake wrappers, bubble/napkin wraps, character centerpiece cut-outs, 6 halloween signs, 5 coordinating striped papers, 20 different food labels (as well as blank food labels), treat bag toppers, favor tags, eyeball/mouth cutouts (to use as little masks), Hershey's Kiss stickers, and a pennant banner.
    Buy from: Shindig Parties/Etsy
  • Orange Paper Straws (25-set), $2.25 3 of 20
    Orange Paper Straws (25-set), $2.25
    If you suddenly realize that your only straws are neon yellow and hot pink, stop by your local Crate & Barrel for these festive (on sale!) straws.
    Buy from: Crate & Barrel
  • Printable Treat Bag Toppers, $3 4 of 20
    Printable Treat Bag Toppers, $3
    Print as many of these treat bag toppers as you have party favors. Quick, easy and affordable.
    Buy from: The Birthday House/Etsy
  • Papier-Mache Pumpkins, $12 – $49 5 of 20
    Papier-Mache Pumpkins, $12 - $49
    If you're lacking a party centerpiece (or just decor in general), stop by your local West Elm for these playful pumpkins, handmade in Haiti.
    Buy from: West Elm
  • Ghost Tealights (4-Set), $3.95 6 of 20
    Ghost Tealights (4-Set), $3.95
    Add a ghostly aura with these tealights, found at your local Crate & Barrel.
    Buy from: Crate & Barrel, $3.95
  • Skeleton Papercone, $2.99/each 7 of 20
    Skeleton Papercone, $2.99/each
    While you're at West Elm, see if they have any of these paper cones left (designed by artist Wendy Addison).
    Buy from: West Elm
  • Halloween Printable Coffin Craft Box, $3 8 of 20
    Halloween Printable Coffin Craft Box, $3
    Just download, print, assemble, and fill with treats.
    Buy from: Daniel Heywood/Etsy
  • Printable Water Bottle Labels, $5.99 9 of 20
    Printable Water Bottle Labels, $5.99
    If you don't need an entire printable party set, these printable water bottle labels add a memorable detail to the party.
    Buy from: Party Box Design/Etsy
  • Haunted House Halloween Village PDF, $6 10 of 20
    Haunted House Halloween Village PDF, $6
    Lacking on decor? Print out and assemble this haunted village for only $6.
    Buy from: Lisa Jane Smith/Etsy
  • Printable Halloween Spirit Label Set, $5 11 of 20
    Printable Halloween Spirit Label Set, $5
    Download and print these clever wine/beer/liquor labels for only $5.
    Buy from: Print Your Party/Etsy
  • 12-Piece Halloween Ice Cube Set, $2.95 12 of 20
    12-Piece Halloween Ice Cube Set, $2.95
    If you have a Crate & Barrel nearby, these affordable Halloween ice cubes make drinks more festive.
    Buy from: Crate & Barrel
  • Pumpkin Cooler, DIY 13 of 20
    Pumpkin Cooler, DIY
    Isn't this pumpkin cooler brilliant? See step-by-step instructions over on our Family Kitchen blog.
    See a tutorial at Family Kitchen
  • Printable Haunted Halloween Party Decor, $12 14 of 20
    Printable Haunted Halloween Party Decor, $12
    Etsy has a wide variety of printable Halloween parties to choose from, but this one is a bit more elegant and grown-up than the rest. And for only $12, you'll get favor tags, bottle wraps, party labels, bag toppers, candy wrappers, patterned papers, "spooky polaroid graphics", as well as two banners and a page of party logos.
    Buy from: Anders Ruff/Etsy
  • Printable PDF Party Mask, $3.99 15 of 20
    Printable PDF Party Mask, $3.99
    For non-costumed guests (or just as added decor), the Etsy shop "The Rasilisk" has a variety of mask PDFs for you to quickly print out at home.
    Buy from: The Rasilisk/Etsy
  • Glitter Skull, $9.99 16 of 20
    Glitter Skull, $9.99
    Another smart centerpiece idea, stop into your local West Elm for these glitter skulls now on sale.
    Buy from: West Elm
  • Hanging Glitter Bat, $12.99 17 of 20
    Hanging Glitter Bat, $12.99
    Another West Elm find, this hanging glitter bat is now on sale too.
    Buy from: West Elm
  • Happy Halloween Printable Set, $12 18 of 20
    Happy Halloween Printable Set, $12
    Another printable party set, this one comes with party circles, food/beverage flags, water bottle labels, candy bar wraps (mini and large), tented food labels (black and pre-designed), candy stickers, treat bag toppers, patterned paper, and a "Happy Halloween" banner.
    Buy from: With Envy Parties/Etsy
  • Little Monsters Halloween Printable Set, $6 19 of 20
    Little Monsters Halloween Printable Set, $6
    Another cute idea for a kids' Halloween party, this Little Monsters printable set comes with party dots (for cupcake toppers, table confetti, drink tags, etc.), cupcake wrappers and party bunting flags.
    Buy from: Sweet Scarlet Designs/Etsy
  • The Boo Crew Printable Party Kit, $12.95 20 of 20
    The Boo Crew Printable Party Kit, $12.95
    This kid-friendly printable kit comes with EVERYTHING you need (down to the food signs, treat bags and even pinwheels), but we especially love the adorable cupcake wrapper characters.
    Buy from: The Party Chick/Etsy

Main image via Anders Ruff on Etsy.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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