20 Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for Hair and Beauty

If you like a good hair tutorial or makeup tip — or anything useful, really — then you must have a Pinterest account by now. It’s where all the best and beautiful ideas come to be shared, especially under the “style” category.

But not all Pinterest boards are created equal.

So I scoured the site to find my 20 favorite Pinterest users that you should absolutely be following:

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  • The Beauty Department 2 of 20
    The Beauty Department

    Followers: 268,739

    Boards to Follow: ALL of them. has quickly become one of the best Web sources for easy-to-follow beauty tutorials — all of which can be found on their Pinterest page. Although they have brilliant ideas for makeup fixes and DIY beauty products, it's really their hair tutorials that hooked me.

    Follow The Beauty Department

  • Lauren Conrad 3 of 20
    Lauren Conrad

    Followers: 251,690

    Boards to Follow: "Primp," and "Wear."

    Speaking of The Beauty Department, its founding celebrity, Lauren Conrad, has an alluring Pinterest page all on her own. Beyond TBD, Conrad pulls inspiring photos and ideas from all over the Web. Although she has her hands in plenty of fashion and beauty biz — from Web sites to fashion collections — her Pinterest page isn't one big self-promotion, which is cool.

    Follow Lauren Conrad

  • eat.sleep.wear. 4 of 20

    Followers: 1,020,016

    Boards to Follow: "Beauty," "Four Eyes," "Fashion," and "Personal Style."

    Fashion blogger Kimberly of eat.sleep.wear created a booming Pinterest page with thousands of fashion and beauty pins — including over 70 pins on stylish glasses.

    Follow eat.sleep.wear.

  • Allure Magazine 5 of 20
    Allure Magazine

    Followers: 6,615

    Boards to Follow: ALL of them, especially "Editors' Favorites!"

    Do you need a reason? They're the undisputed "beauty expert," for crying out loud.

    Follow Allure

  • birchbox 6 of 20

    Followers: 152,081

    Boards to Follow: "Hair," "Face," Eyes," and "Braids, Braids, Braids!"

    The monthly beauty subscription service Birchbox knows a things or two about beauty — and Pinterest, apparently. They have one of the most extensive must-follow collection of pins about beauty, wellness, and all things inspirational. You might as well click "Follow All" on this one.

    Follow birchbox

  • Glitter Guide 7 of 20
    Glitter Guide

    Followers: 208,783

    Boards to Follow: ALL, but especially "Beauty"

    Another incredible collection of all things beautiful.

    Follow Glitter Guide

  • petit_elefant 8 of 20

    Followers: 6,389

    Boards to Follow: "Hair," "D.I.Y. Beauty," and "Make-Up Ideas"

    If you're into DIY beauty — easy tutorials and why-didn't-I-think-of-that ideas — Petit Elefant has boards for you to follow.

    Follow petit_elefant

  • Sarah James (whoorl) 9 of 20
    Sarah James (whoorl)

    Followers: 4,193

    Boards to Follow: "Hair," "Beauty," and "Style"

    Sarah James (of Babble's Beauty & the Beat) was named one of Babble's Top 50 Parents on Pinterest for a reason.

    Follow Sarah James

  • bellasugar 10 of 20

    Followers: 5,391

    Boards to Follow: ALL — it's a beauty bonanza

    One of my favorite beauty blogs; some of my favorite beauty pins.

    Follow bellasugar

  • WWD (Womens Wear Daily) 11 of 20
    WWD (Womens Wear Daily)

    Followers: 8,629

    Boards to Follow: "RTW Fall 2012," "Backstage," and "Fashion."

    Women's Wear Daily is the official bible for all things high fashion and luxe beauty — and it's a must-follow Pinterest account for industry trends and backstage beauty (especially during Fashion Week).

    Follow WWD

  • Sephora 12 of 20

    Followers: 49,500

    Boards to Follow: "It Lists," "Eye Candy," "Nailspotting," and "Trending Now"

    Would you expect the beauty gurus at Sephora to not have an amazing Pinterest collection?

    Follow Sephora

  • Hair Romance 13 of 20
    Hair Romance

    Followers: 5,753

    Boards to Follow: "Braids Braids Braids," "Hair Trends," and "Top Knot Romance"

    The name says it all: hair, hair, and more hair — from ponytails to turbans.

    Follow Hair Romance

  • Margit Detweiler 14 of 20
    Margit Detweiler

    Followers: 1,103

    Boards to Follow: "Top Knot Mania," "Hair Dos," and "Someday When I Go Gray"

    Margit gets specific with her beauty pins — top knots, "spex," going grey — and I love it.

    Follow Margit

  • Lindsay Kotay 15 of 20
    Lindsay Kotay

    Followers: 1,254

    Boards to Follow: "Hairstyles," "Current Beauty Trends," "Face, Make Up, Nails," and "Style Your Own Hair!"

    This hairstylist has some of my favorite beauty boards on Pinterest — well edited yet extensive.

    Follow Lindsay Kotay

  • GoodGood Gorgeous 16 of 20
    GoodGood Gorgeous

    Followers: 3,014

    Boards to Follow: "Gorgeous Hair," "Gorgeous Braids," and "Make Up"

    A mix of inspiring ideas and personal recommendations, GoodGood Gorgeous is all about unapologetic style.

    Follow GoodGood Gorgeous

  • Megan Gilger 17 of 20
    Megan Gilger

    Followers: 718,490

    Boards to Follow: "Beauty"

    Blogger and designer Megan Glilger knows beauty when she sees it — and she certainly has an eye for artistic expression.

    Follow Megan Gilger

  • Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess 18 of 20
    Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess

    Followers: 47,178

    Boards to Follow: "Hair," "Beauty," and "Style"

    The blog A Beautiful Mess has some of my favorite hair tutorials on the Web, so it's no surprise how much I love their Pinterest collection.

    Follow Elsie Larson

  • Harpers Bazaar 19 of 20
    Harpers Bazaar

    Followers: 973,987

    Boards to Follow: "Beauty," and "Street Style"

    It's like browsing through their magazine, without the ads.

    Follow Harper's Bazaar

  • Kate @ Wit + Delight 20 of 20
    Kate @ Wit + Delight

    Followers: 1,463,165

    Boards to Follow: "Hair + Beauty"

    Beauty is just the tip of the (overwhelmingly addictive) iceburg that is Wit + Delight's Pinterest boards.

    Follow Kate


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