20 Pretty Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

I’ve been searching for an indestructible carpet that will hold up to my kids and pets, and realized recently that an indoor/outdoor area rug would be my best bet. I thought my options might be too limited, but I was surprised to find a lot of beautiful colors and modern patterns to be had!

Below are 20 of the best ones out there.

  • Striped Braided Indoor/Outdoor Rug 1 of 20
    Striped Braided Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    Perfectly crisp wide stripes are always a good choice.
    Available in 5 colors at Ballard Designs, $69-699
  • Ikat Indoor/Outdoor Rug 2 of 20
    Ikat Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    Ikat is having a bit of a moment right now, and this is a beautiful take on the trend.
    Available at Ballard Designs, $58-$699
  • Catamaran Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug 3 of 20
    Catamaran Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    If you're looking for a good neutral, look no further.
    Available in several colors at Dash & Albert, $38-$514
  • Anna Indoor/Outdoor Rug 4 of 20
    Anna Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    I'm a sucker for simple geometric shapes in beautiful colors. These fit the bill nicely.
    Available in 5 colors at Scandinavian Design Center, $59-$186
  • Crochet Indoor/Outdoor Rug 5 of 20
    Crochet Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    Grandma's crochet doilies look modern in an oversized scale.
    Available in 4 colors at Rugs USA, $49-$489
  • Skein Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Rug 6 of 20
    Skein Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    The bold chartreuse side reverses to charcoal gray for two looks in one!
    Available at CB2 for $89.95 for a 5x8
  • Lakehouse Indoor/Outdoor Rug 7 of 20
    Lakehouse Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    Gotta love the impact one one big, bold, centered stripe.
    Available in several colors at Dash & Albert, $38-$514
  • Izmir Dhurrie Indoor/Outdoor Rug 8 of 20
    Izmir Dhurrie Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    The graphic pattern and bold color gradiation on this one is fantastic.
    Available in 2 colors at west elm, $41-749
  • Kitchen Sink Indoor/Outdoor Rug 9 of 20
    Kitchen Sink Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    A mishmash of colors all come together harmoniously in this great striped rug.
    Available at Dash & Albert, $38-$514
  • Sarasota Indoor/Outdoor Runner 10 of 20
    Sarasota Indoor/Outdoor Runner
    A striped runner with less contrast and more subtle variation than we usually see. Nice.
    Available in 2 colors at Crate & Barrel for $79.95
  • Negril Indoor/Outdoor Rug 11 of 20
    Negril Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    Can you get any cheerier than this? I think not.
    Available at Dash & Albert, $38-$514
  • Santorini Indoor/Outdoor Rug 12 of 20
    Santorini Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    Because sometimes a little pattern at the border is all you need.
    Available in 6 colors at Ballard Designs, $49-$699
  • Saybrook Indoor/Outdoor Rug 13 of 20
    Saybrook Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    I love how the restrained, classic motif still manages to look modern.
    Available in 3 colors at Ballard Designs, $55-$319
  • Indoor/Outdoor Rug 14 of 20
    Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    Another great option with just a touch of classic pattern at the border.
    Available in 5 colors at Ballard Designs, $19-$199
  • Chevron Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug 15 of 20
    Chevron Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    Zigzags are still going strong, and this is a fantastic, affordable, indestructible version!
    Available in 3 colors at Ballard Designs, $19-$229
  • Tori Indoor/Outdoor Rug 16 of 20
    Tori Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    Such a lovely, feminine pattern.
    Available in 2 colors at Pottery Barn, $59-$499
  • Indoor/Outdoor Rug 17 of 20
    Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    Gorgeous, and in such a generous size too.
    Available at Scandinavian Design Center, $523
  • Indoor/Outdoor Rug 18 of 20
    Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    Kind of like a giant backgammon board. Awesome.
    Available at Scandinavian Design Center, $104-$299
  • Pali Kilim Indoor/Outdoor Rug 19 of 20
    Pali Kilim Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    Can you believe this was made out of recycled soda bottles? So cool.
    Available at Pottery Barn, $109-$159
  • Indoor/Outdoor Rug 20 of 20
    Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    That pale turquoise is dreamy.
    Available in 3 colors at Scandinavian Design Center, $298

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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