20 Rad Dorm Decor Ideas!

Decorating a dorm room can be a bit of a dilemma.  You’re dealing with small budgets, small spaces, shared spaces, dormitory furniture, cinderblock walls, the list goes on.  So sometimes to make it your own takes a little bit of imagination and creativity.  The flyers are coming in the mailbox with suggestions, and I thought a little inspiration might help to prioritize purchases or even save you a little money.  Above:  White walls and above-the-bed shelving/storage bins pull together this room quite nicely; throw in a pop of color and an interesting art piece, lighting and chair and you’ve got a really serene  room perfect for focusing on studying. See the slideshow after the jump.

  • Light & Bright 1 1 of 19
    Light & Bright 1
    Simple and practical, this room is approachable, inviting and clutter-free. Irksome Cushion's Dorm Room via Apartment Therapy
  • Light & Bright 2 2 of 19
    Light & Bright 2
    A close-up of the workspace. Irksome Cushion's Dorm Room via Apartment Therapy
  • Modern Organized 3 of 19
    Modern Organized
    With a few wall shelves, along with modern dorm furniture, this space exudes serenity, perfect for studying. (Via luxury house).
  • Vintage-Inspired 4 of 19
    With a visit to the thrift shops a room like this is easily obtainable and affordable. Note: vintage paintings, globe, dresser. (Via Refinery).
  • Cinderblock Solution 5 of 19
    Cinderblock Solution
    A great solution to covering up those dreaded cinderblocks. A collage of prints, magazine clippings, posters. An inspiration wall? (Via Sweet Home Style).
  • Colour-Combo’s 6 of 19
    Tie things together with matching colours. Note: Orange rug, flowers, pillow and black IKEA pillow, blanket and shelf runner. (Via Apartment Therapy).
  • Polaroid Action 7 of 19
    Polaroid Action
    Love this look filling this small spaced wall with polaroids. (Lou O' Bedlam via Apartment Therapy).
  • Add some green! 8 of 19
    Add some green!
    A little green always helps warm up a space, and what fun is this terrarium? Not too hard to maintain either. (DIY included from Yellow Brick Home).
  • Add accessories! 9 of 19
    Add accessories!
    Adding pillows and blankets can really make all the difference. Like how this bed looks like a sofa during the day. (Via
  • Pretty it Up! 10 of 19
    Pretty it Up!
    If your roommate is game, create this pretty space with a little pink, matching wall art and girly accessories. (Via Lonny).
  • Nix the frames! 11 of 19
    Nix the frames!
    Frames can be expensive and if you want to have some of your family photo's nearby why not hang them clothesline style? (Via Ruffled Blog - Photo credit: Vitalic Photo).
  • Prep Rally! 12 of 19
    Prep Rally!
    Always fun to go Ivy Style with a few pennants and school letters. (Via Ivy Style).
  • Ballerina Simple 13 of 19
    Ballerina Simple
    Not much to do here but buy a few pink + cream pillow cases and dangle some ballerina slippers nearby. (Via Pinterest).
  • More greenery 14 of 19
    More greenery
    The image says it all. (Via Pinterest).
  • Chalk Paint a Door 15 of 19
    Chalk Paint a Door
    This will be the place everyone will write notes on. Perfect dorm idea. (Via Design Sponge).
  • Cosy it up! 16 of 19
    Cosy it up!
    The curtains and wicker accessories really warm this space up making it not even look dormy. (Via
  • Embellish things! 17 of 19
    Embellish things!
    Adding a little embellishment to a quilt (or headboard or pillow) creates a unique one-of-a-kind space. Plus it's kind of fun to do. Flowers made from chiffon scarves are amazing on this quilt from Sarie Woon magazine. Photos by David Ross, Inge Prints.
  • Casual Relaxed Look 18 of 19
    Casual Relaxed Look
    A little inspiration from South Africa with this casual relaxed look featuring a linen table cloth used as a blanket bringing in different forms and textures. Enlarge a favourite photo at the copy shop for some wall art. Bring some souvenirs with you from your summer holidays (beach shells, rocks, drift wood). (Via Sarie Woon magazine). Photos by David Ross, Inge Prints.
  • Add a graphic blanket 19 of 19
    Add a graphic blanket
    An addition of a graphic blankets such as these check ones go a long way in the decor scheme of things. And not too expensive. Stick to one or two colour schemes. (Via Apartment Therapy). Photo from Cookie Magazine - Shaker Village, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky.

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