20 Spooky Halloween Window Decorations

Tremendous care will go into choosing just the right scary costumes and crowd-pleasing candy this Halloween, so why not take the seasonal fun one step further and dress up your house with frightening window decorations! Easy to apply and even easier to remove, Halloween window posters and decals make a spooktacular statement that can easily be seen from your entire neighborhood when backlit from inside your home.

We searched the web for the best in scary Halloween window decor to bring your haunted house to life – err, death.

  • The windows have eyes 1 of 21
    Halloween window decorations

    Take a look at 20 of the spookiest window posters and decals we found to put the fright back into Halloween night!

  • Headless woman silhouette 2 of 21
    Headless woman window cling

    Martha Stewart Crafts does it again with this Gothic Manor Headless Woman window cling. Designed to stick to windows and mirrors without adhesive, this window cling can be reused every Halloween season!

    Available from Amazon; $10.99

  • Black cat 3 of 21
    Black cat window poster-film-decal

    According to folklore, black cats have the ability to take human shape and act as messengers of evil forces, such as witches and demons. Scared yet? According to the product description, these window posters illuminate with backlighting to create a dramatic effect.

    Available from; $19.99

  • Green Demon 4 of 21

    You may know the Green Demon as a mixed drink, but he's an evil force dominating your neighborhood by way of reusable window cling. Is it just me or do his eyes follow you?

    Available from; $12.99

  • Grim Reaper 5 of 21

    This is one ugly evil-looking Grim Reaper who has opened your mini-blinds to spy on his next victim! Everybody run and hide from this creeptastic translucent double window poster!

    Available from; $19.49

  • Jason Voorhees 6 of 21

    Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th has managed to frighten generations of campers with his indestructible actions, goalie mask and machete. This larger than life window cling of one of Hollywood's most chilling mass murderers will have you scaring grownups and children alike.

    Available from Amazon; $7.89

  • Sinister Sid 7 of 21

    Who is Sinister Sid, you ask? Google doesn't even know, but his green skin and demonic eyes make this plastic window poster utterly chilling.

    Available from Amazon; $14.88

  • Grim Reaper silhouette 8 of 21
    Grim reaper window poster-film-decal

    Watch out now, death is coming for ya in this reusable vinyl window cling. Perfect for large windows and mirrors at 3' x 5'.

    Available from; $7.49

  • Vampire 9 of 21
    Dracula vampire window poster-film-decal

    This is one scary vampire in need of a manicure STAT! Imagine just how scary he'll look peering out into your neighborhood from inside your very own haunted house!

    Available from; $11.99

  • Mummy 10 of 21
    Mummy window poster-film-decal

    I want my Mummy, I mean, Mommy! This dual window plastic mummy poster is as scary as it gets with those hands reaching out. Eeeks!

    Available from; $19.99

  • Jason 11 of 21

    Jason from Friday the 13th fame is back, and this time his eerie silhouette and broken window will have your neighbors jumping at every shadow.

    Available from; $5.71

  • Goblin silhouette 12 of 21
    Nightmare before Christmas goblin window poster-film-decal

    According to legend, goblins are mischievous small creatures with magical abilities rooted in evil. All in all, the perfect silhouette to adorn your spooky house!

    Available from Amazon; $6.20

  • Freddy Krueger 13 of 21
    Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger window poster-film-decal

    I grew up absolutely terrified of A Nightmare on Elm Street super villain, Freddy Krueger. Pay homage to the 80s fright master with this Wes Craven's nightmarish creation.

    Available from Amazon; $10.99

  • Skully 14 of 21
    Skeleton window poster-film-decal

    My, what big eyes you have - for a skull. Perfect for haunting neighborhood kids and grownups alike, this window poster will look frightful keeping watch over your street at night.

    Available from; $12.99

  • Gargoyle silhouette 15 of 21
    Scary Silhouette Gargoyle Window poster-film-decal

    As a symbol of evil, this mythological creature is looking to scare your entire neighborhood with his menacing grin.

    Available from Amazon; $18.72

  • Spiders 16 of 21
    Spider window poster-film-decal

    Somebody call an exterminator! Show your neighborhood that giant creepy crawlers have inhabited your home with this shady spiders translucent dual window decoration.

    Available from Amazon; $10.95

  • Werewolf 17 of 21
    Wolf window poster-film-decal

    The mythical man that somehow transforms into a wolf deliberately or as the victim of an evil curse has been spellbinding humans since the Middle Ages and now you can bring this gothic beast into your home!

    Available from; $9.99

  • Hanging man silhouette 18 of 21
    Hanging Man window poster-film-decal

    Death becomes him with this silhouette of a hanging man from one of your bedroom windows. Creepy!

    Available from Amazon; $6.70

  • Screaming ghost 19 of 21
    screaming ghost window cling

    Illuminated from the inside of your home, this screaming ghost window cling is enough to make anyone scream in horror!

    Available from; $9.99

  • Ghoulies 20 of 21
    zombie window poster-film-decal

    Who invited the grave robbers into their home? You did, with this translucent dual window cling set. Double the ghuols, double the fun!

    Available from; $16.97

  • Witch silhouette 21 of 21
    Witch window poster-film-decal

    Looks like someone's stirring a boiling pot of witches' brew! Boil, boil, toil and trouble indeed! This reusable window cling is the perfect ingredient for your haunted house.

    Available from Amazon; $6.32

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