20 Stylish Easter Outfit Ideas For Your Little Man


I am really excited to dress my little guy up this Easter. Boys are a little trickier to dress for Easter than girls. You just have to buy the girls a dress and some shoes and you’re done! The boys need so much more to not look like a total stiff. Here are 20 fantastic and hip options for your little man this Easter.

  • Vest 1 of 21
    Isn't this a sweet little vest? I think it would look awesome with a contrasting shirt and some bright pants.
    Buy it here for $20.97 at Gap.
  • Loafer Sneaker 2 of 21
    Loafer Sneaker
    I call this the mullet of shoes. The loafer is all business on top, and the sneaker is all party on the bottom.
    Buy them here for $18.86 at Gap.
  • Pink Gingham 3 of 21
    Pink Gingham
    There is nothing like a good excuse to put a little guy in pink.
    Buy it here for $29.95 at Gap.
  • Blue Slacks 4 of 21
    Blue Slacks
    Classic blue slacks are kind of a staple, right?
    Buy them here for $23.06 at Gap.
  • Colorblocked Tie 5 of 21
    Colorblocked Tie
    I about died when I saw this tie. Amazing.
    Buy it here for $26.50 at J Crew.
  • Plaid Tie 6 of 21
    Plaid Tie
    Springy colors and a nice plaid pattern. It would look awesome with a pink or white shirt.
    Buy it here for $26.50 at J Crew.
  • Blue + Green Tie 7 of 21
    Blue + Green Tie
    A little darker in shade for Easter, but I don't mind!
    Buy it here for $26.50 at J Crew.
  • Mint Bow Tie 8 of 21
    Mint Bow Tie
    There are few things in life cuter to me than a little boy wearing a bow tie. This mint one is perfect.
    Buy it here for $19.50 at J Crew.
  • Pin Dot Bow Tie 9 of 21
    Pin Dot Bow Tie
    Match this polka dot bow tie with a bright and fun shirt. He will love it.
    Buy it here for $22.50 at J Crew.
  • boys-easter-10 10 of 21
    For a more formal finish, try this great blazer. So cool.
    Buy it here for $138 at J Crew.
  • Purple Gingham Shirt 11 of 21
    Purple Gingham Shirt
    Purple is slowly becoming more and more of a boy color. At least that is what I tell myself.
    Buy it here for $39.50 at J Crew.
  • Neon Peach Shirt 12 of 21
    Neon Peach Shirt
    I am in love with this color. So bright and cheery and just fun.
    Buy it here for $39.50 at J Crew.
  • Chinos 13 of 21
    A more subtle color for those mamas out there who don't want her kid to look like a neon sign.
    Buy them here for $34.50 at J Crew.
  • Skinny Jeans 14 of 21
    Skinny Jeans
    I am an advocate for skinny jeans on boys and dressing them up with the perfect button down shirt and tie. So cute!
    Buy them here for $39.50 at Factory.
  • Shirt + Tie Combo 15 of 21
    Shirt + Tie Combo
    Why buy a shirt and tie separately? This combo is clean and cool. I love the green tie.
    Buy it here for $19.94 at Old Navy.
  • Plaid Short Sleeves 16 of 21
    Plaid Short Sleeves
    For warmer weather, you may want to go with short sleeves. This orange plaid is a definite option.
    Buy it here for $14.95 at Old Navy.
  • Grey Pants 17 of 21
    Grey Pants
    I love H&M pants for boys. So simple and affordable. And you can dress them up or down with no trouble.
    Buy them here for $9.95 at H&M.
  • Mint Gingham Shirt 18 of 21
    Mint Gingham Shirt
    Another gingham you say? Yes. But this one is mint! Does it get better?
    Buy it here for $9.95 at H&M.
  • Leather Boots 19 of 21
    Leather Boots
    How classy are these boots? to me they seem like the kind of boots you can wear year round too.
    Buy them here for $68 at Mini Boden.
  • Suede Oxfords 20 of 21
    Suede Oxfords
    These are the coolest little shoes. The grey suede is classy and the clue soles are fun and colorful, just like your little man.
    Buy them here for $88 at J Crew.
  • Sweater Vest 21 of 21
    Sweater Vest
    Your little man won't complain too much about this outfit since he gets to wear shorts. So handsome! Buy here from Tea

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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