20 Summer Projects While the Kids Are at Camp

Summer is a great time to work on projects, but being a mom can sometimes get in the way of that. Here are 20 fantastic summer projects to do while the kids are at camp!

  • Crate Bookshelves 1 of 20
    Crate Bookshelves
    Make these simple shelves and fill them with new books for when your kiddos return from camp.
    See the tutorial here on Hello Bee
  • Mesh Tote Bag 2 of 20
    Mesh Tote Bag
    How about a new summer tote bag? This bag would be perfect for beach outings.
    See the details here on Design Sponge
  • Nursery to Studio! 3 of 20
    Nursery to Studio!
    Re-do your little one's nursery into your studio while they're away. Surprise!
    See the details here on Design Sponge
  • Kiddo Room Makeover 4 of 20
    Kiddo Room Makeover
    I love the idea of making over the little one's room each summer. Makes for something wonderful to come home to!
    See the rooms here on Bleubird
  • Neon Planters 5 of 20
    Neon Planters
    It wouldn't be summer without some greenery! Make these simple and stunning neon planters to liven up your living space.
    See more here The Proper Pinwheel
  • Refashion Clothes! 6 of 20
    Refashion Clothes!
    Take those old "mom" jeans and that awful but comfortable nightgown and make them into hot mama clothes.
    See the details here on Uber Chic for Cheap
  • Kidless Party 7 of 20
    Kidless Party
    As much as I love my little guy, sometimes a kidless party is just we need.
    See more here on Oh Happy Day
  • Geometric Curtain Rods 8 of 20
    Geometric Curtain Rods
    There are so many possibilities with this project, but I love the geometric design.
    See the tutorial here on The House That Lars Built
  • Teacup Bird Feeder 9 of 20
    Teacup Bird Feeder
    Add a beautiful teacup feeder to your yard and welcome all the pretty birds of the season.
    See the details here on Dear Lizzy
  • Ice Cream Cart 10 of 20
    Ice Cream Cart
    I love this! Make this ice cream cart and when the kiddos come back from camp, they will love riding around handing out cool treats to the neighborhood.
    See it here on A Subtle Revelry
  • Fabric Boxes 11 of 20
    Fabric Boxes
    These fabric boxes are pretty perfect. A great project and a great way to get organized while the kids are away.
    See the tutorial here on Design Sponge
  • Paint Chip Animals 12 of 20
    Paint Chip Animals
    Make something for the kids! They'll love these colorful and fun animals to come home to.
    See the details here on Handmade Charlotte
  • Decorative Pillows 13 of 20
    Decorative Pillows
    These simple pillows would go great in any space and with an empty house, the sewing just might get done!
    See the details here on Creature Comforts
  • Custom Frames 14 of 20
    Custom Frames
    Do you have a beautiful piece of art that just needs the perfect frame? Join the club! Make your own gold leaf frame to perfect the piece.
    See how to make your own here on Little Green Notebook
  • A New Rug 15 of 20
    A New Rug
    Make a new rug for your door to cozy up your home. Nothing says "welcome!" like a beautiful rug.
    See the tutorial here on The House That Lars Built
  • Ombre Storage Baskets 16 of 20
    Ombre Storage Baskets
    Using simple baskets and paint, create a one-of-a-kind piece and use as pretty storage.
    Make your own here on Little Green Notebook
  • Chalkboard Wall 17 of 20
    Chalkboard Wall
    There are so many possibilities for a chalkboard wall, but fun is my favorite.
    See it here on Rockstar Diaries
  • A Side Table! 18 of 20
    A Side Table!
    I'm in love with this idea! Make a custom and beautiful table in no time.
    See the details here on The House That Lars Built
  • Cake Decorating 19 of 20
    Cake Decorating
    I don't know about you, but I have always wanted to take a cake decorating class. What better time than when the kids are at camp?
    See more here on La Receta de La Felicidad
  • Backyard Makeover 20 of 20
    Backyard Makeover
    It's a big job, and perhaps a week isn't sufficient, but a backyard makeover would be the ultimate summer project!
    See more here on Decor What


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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