20 Unique Ways to Display Kids' Art

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If you’re anything like me, you have a pile of your kid’s artwork that you just can’t bear to throw away — but what do you do with it all? And doesn’t his or her creative art projects deserve more recognition than just the fridge?

Here are our 20 favorite ways to show off your kids’ art projects:

  • 1. Frame them in matching frames 1 of 20
    This grid-like layout gives order to your kids' chaotic creativity.
  • 2. Frame them in mismatched frames 2 of 20
    If your kid scrawls on anything from a spare napkin to poster board and calls it a masterpiece, this method might be for you.
  • 3. Ditch the frames 3 of 20
    Frames? Who needs frames? Try this style for a cute, shabby-chic look.
  • 4. Make your own frames 4 of 20
    These yellow frames were painted by hand, but you could also buy fabric wall decals — perfect for a quick change in decor.
  • 5. Make a collage 5 of 20
    Is your child an artist in the making? Hang everything up together and tell him how proud you are to host his first career retrospective.
  • 6. Use lattice 6 of 20
    This clean, graphic look is a great statement in any kids' room.
  • 7. Use hangers 7 of 20
    As your child's tastes change, old hangers can easily be switched out for new models.
  • 8. Use them as living room decor 8 of 20
    If purchasing a Picasso would require a second mortgage on your place, liven up your walls with your real favorite artist's work.
  • 9. Put up shelving 9 of 20
    Shelves make standard frames look fresh. Bonus: no holes in the walls make for painless rearranging.
  • 10. Mix adult + kid art together 10 of 20
    Make art a family affair by hanging your sketches alongside your child's creations.
  • 11. Make a display out of rulers + clips 11 of 20
    Went overboard at the back-to-school sale? Make use of your overstock with this cute display.
  • 12. Make a large-scale display with hangers 12 of 20
    This wooden grid and hanger display makes for a striking conversation piece.
  • 13. Use string 13 of 20
    Even if you're not hanging your kid's artwork out to dry, these clothespins and string make a sweet display.
  • 14. Use cable 14 of 20
    If silver suits your decor, try this modern and simple way to display art of all kinds.
  • 15. Buy a ready-made cable display from Pottery Barn Kids 15 of 20
    This display is a great addition to any kids room, with clips for switching artwork in and out. Find the link below.
  • 16. Make a cork wall 16 of 20
    Help your children rearrange their work in myriad ways with this huge, handy cork wall.
  • 17. Print your child’s work on a poster 17 of 20
    Digital pictures of your child's work can be organized at a glance in this neat poster.
  • 18. Mix frames and no frames 18 of 20
    This is a great display idea for families who might color outside the lines — or their frames.
  • 19. Buy chicken wire memo boards 19 of 20
    Even the most metropolitan of city moms can appreciate the down-on-the-farm vibe of this display.
  • 20. Put chicken wire on your entire wall 20 of 20
    Making a dramatic statement? Floor-to-ceiling chicken wire, with endless possibilities for art display, might be your answer.

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Slide 4: Buy fabric wall decals here. [via]

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Slide 11: See the DIY tutorial.

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Slide 15: This 10′ long cable comes with 10 clips for $39 at Pottery Barn Kids.

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Slide 19: Buy these on Etsy for $30 each!

Slide 20: See the DIY tutorial.

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