20 Works of Wall Art Inspired by Haunted Houses

If you’re a lover of haunted houses, you know that disembodied spirits are just one of the many things to love and fear inside spooky houses this time of year.

Whether it’s the thrill of the haunt or the haunted decor that excites you, commercial haunted houses are perhaps best known for Gothic Victorian designs using opulent textiles, intricately carved furniture, ornate candelabras, and of course, haunting wall art.

  • The walls have eyes 1 of 21
    20 Works of Gothic Victorian Wall Art Inspired by Haunted Houses

    Whether you're looking to adorn the walls of your haunted house this Halloween or simply love the look of Gothic Victorian design in your home, these 20 works of wall art are chilling chic.

  • Neo Victorian Gothic Pirate Woman 2 of 21
    Gothic art

    Doesn't this beautifully drawn portrait look like it's hiding a dark secret? We love that. Whether it's the skull on this Victorian pirate woman's hat or her unreadable facial expression, we're expecting something sinister to happen - and soon.

    Available from Etsy's misslilylocket, $11.67

  • Gargoyle Notre Dame print 3 of 21
    Gothic art

    This print from 1912 captures a gargoyle keeping watch over Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.  Authentic Gothic architecture and vintage charm makes this piece a stylized addition to any wall gallery.

    Available from; $23.75

  • Halloween Masquerade Ball 4 of 21

    Look who's arrived unannounced to this Victorian masquerade ball. It seems death is next in line for a dance. Heavy in symbolism, this print speaks volumes in silence.

    Available from; $16

  • Death Calls Out to Me print 5 of 21
    Gothic art

    As the title suggests, we greet this print with quickening pulses. Is she running toward the afterlife or away from it in this dark cathedral setting? Visitors will be asking the same question.

    Available from; $79.90

  • Gothic Squares 6 of 21
    Gothic art

    Black crows, often seen as symbols of death or messengers of evil are depicted here in 13 Gothic inspired images certain to bring an uneasy feeling to all who gaze upon it.

    Available from; $13.15

  • Aerial House Maison Tournante 7 of 21
    Gothic art

    This 1883 drawing titled "Maison tournante aérienne" (Aeriel rotating house) illustrated by French illustrator, Albert Robida was first published in his novel, Le Vingtième Siècle about perceived life in the 20th century. Now the print can be yours on a distressed background depicting old world elegance.

    Available from; $11.95

  • Together Gothic art 8 of 21
    Gothic art

    This print of original digital artwork simply titled "Together" instills fear and curiosity within those who dare to stare. Bring an element of mystery and intrigue into your home this Halloween (or all year long) with this print.

    Available from Etsy's Bohemiart; $16

  • Victorian bat taxidermy 9 of 21
    Gothic art

    What could be more frightening than scary bat images? That would be bat taxidermy, friends. Mounted on black damask fabric with framed corners of brass filigree, this made-to-order work of art is a guaranteed conversation starter.

    Available from Etsy's SinisterVanity, $145

  • O Death poster 10 of 21
    Gothic art

    Madame Talbot created this amazing Gothic inspired print by hand (!!!!) using pen and ink on an illustration board - what a talent! Prepare your walls for the final chapter with this print that reads:

    Remember me as you pass by

    As you are now so once was I

    As I am now so you will be

    Prepare for death and follow me.


    Available from Madame Talbot's Victorian Lowbrow; $13.95

  • Ghost Bride print 11 of 21
    Gothic art

    As long-standing themes in Gothic design, love and death intertwine to create this hauntingly beautiful print of Annabelle, the Ghost Bride known to haunt Hatley Castle in Victoria, BC Canada.

    Available from Etsy's LightDivineStudios; $30

  • Old Cemetery print 12 of 21
    Gothic art

    Let this neglected cemetery set a dark mood in your home as the black crow comes to call. Perfect for Halloween, a dark library or long hallway, this print will leave you looking over your shoulder.

    Available from; $19.70

  • Victorian Bat Woman print 13 of 21
    Gothic art

    Originally created in 1890, this Victorian woman in a bat costume proves that dress-up can be ominous. Now it's your turn to dress up your walls with this Gothic illustration sure to spark dark design inspiration.

    Available from; $18.45

  • Victorian Woman With Bat 14 of 21
    Gothic art

    When Gothic and Victorian styles collide, our deepest foreboding fears come to life. Here we have the seemingly innocent silhouette of a Victorian woman holding a bat, known as a symbol of darkness and black magic. Dun dun dunnnn!

    Available from; $21

  • Edgar Allan Poe poster 15 of 21
    Gothic art

    Pay homage to American author and poet Allan Edgar Poe, perhaps best known for his poem "The Raven." While Poe's Gothic works focused on themes surrounding death, decomposition, and despair well over a century ago, his dark mastery continues to inspire.

    Available from; $19

  • Victorian Gentleman Skeleton illustration 16 of 21
    Gothic art

    They said he was a gentlemen to the end, and it looks as though they were right. Handmade on antique parchment, this print serves as a welcome addition to any house - haunted or otherwise!

    Available from Etsy's artkurka; $18

  • Victorian Lady Skeleton illustration 17 of 21

    And because true love never dies, we present you with our gentleman's skeleton bride. Hung side-by-side, these prints in matching frames bring Victorian elegance wherever they reside.

    Available from Etsy's artkurka; $18

  • Crow Art 18 of 21
    Gothic art

    This anthropomorphic Victorian photograph reminds us of the duplicity of the human spirit. Entitled "The Patriarch", this Gothic inspired mixed media design is as haunting as it is chic.

    Available from Etsy's WatchfulCrowArts; $22

  • Siamese Twin Spirits 19 of 21
    Gothic art

    Ghostly reflections inspired by the spirit photography of the 19th and early 20th centuries create this beautifully haunting photography perfect for Halloween season and beyond.

    Available from Etsy's SpectralCinema; $130

  • Spooky Mansion Print 20 of 21
    Gothic art

    From the looks of this neglected mansion, folks have reason to stay away. Whether inhabited by spirits or a family who simply "keeps to themselves," we'll be skipping this house come Halloween!

    Available from Etsy's LauraMelisPhotoArt, $13.25

  • Vampire Girl Print 21 of 21
    Gothic art

    This Victorian vampire girl is printed on an upcycled page of a vintage Victorian book for the ultimate in Gothic elegance. We just love the modern mix of media paired with vintage style.

    Available from Etsy's curiousprintery; $9.90

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