Kids + Art! 21 Fabulous Display Ideas For Displaying Their Work

Figuring out what to do with all of the art your kids create can be a real challenge! At least, it sure is at Chez Blair. : ) Click through the gallery below for 21 great display ideas so you can keep a handle on the kid artwork in your home.

  • Plastic Envelope Sheaths 1 of 21
    It's kind of genius don't you think?
    via Apartment Therapy
  • Hallway Bulletin 2 of 21
    I love seeing oft-ignored hallways used for displaying art instead. Hanging a big bulletin board creates the perfect spot for just that.
    spotted at The Beau Life
  • Painted Wall Frames 3 of 21
    Why not paint some frames directly on the wall? So fun!
    details here from Childhood 101
  • Coordinated Clipboards 4 of 21
    Clipboards make it so easy to change your child's art in and out. Here's fun display idea!
    via Clean And Scentsible
  • Fine Art Poster 5 of 21
    Various photo sites have a college option you can choose to create posters like this one. Take a picture of your child's art, upload, create, and have it printed and shipped. What a great idea!
    via Cool Progeny
  • String It Up 6 of 21
    I've seen these steel hook displays at IKEA before and they certainly make for a simple and fun way to display kid art.
    via Design Is Mine
  • Organized Gallery Wall 7 of 21
    While I like the way this gallery wall of kid art looks, I can't imagine that it would be very easy to swap out and it would be so hard to choose favorites!
    via House Of Turquoise
  • Mix It Up 8 of 21
    I am really digging this wall which gives kid art a place on the wall right along with regular art and decor.
    via Houzz
  • Under Window DIY Display 9 of 21
    Take advantage of that under window space and create a cool display with this fun tutorial.
    details here from I Heart Organizing
  • Curtain Rod Hanger Display 10 of 21
    Curtain rods and pinch clips are kind of perfect for displaying kid art. Why not hang a few?!
    via I Heart Organizing
  • Floor To Ceiling Lattice Wall 11 of 21
    If you're super serious about displaying your child's art, this super cool lattice display would be a fun project.
    details here from Martha Stewart
  • Clothespins And Twine 12 of 21
    Doesn't get any more simple than this!
    via The Boo And The Boy
  • Under Bar Frame Collage 13 of 21
    Using thrifted frames this blogger created a kid accessible art display right under her kitchen bar!
    Details from the Project Corner here
  • Anchored Art Display 14 of 21
    Another great variation on the basic clothespin display. String some twine between two playful anchors like the wooden apples pictured here.
    via Try Handmade
  • DIY Frame Magnets 15 of 21
    The fridge is a natural gathering place for children's artwork, why not make a couple of magnetized frames for display?
    tutorial here from Vintage Glamorous
  • Photoshop Collage 16 of 21
    If you're handy with photoshop you can personalize a collage just like this one yourself!
    via A Thousand Words
  • Ruler Clip Art Rails 17 of 21
    Here's a simple and super fun idea for a display using a wooden meter stick and jumbo clothespins.
    details from Ana White here
  • DIY Collage 18 of 21
    I kind of like the less polished look of this DIY collage. Snap photos of your kids artwork, print off and arrange at will!
    via Stitch/Craft
  • Art Wall 19 of 21
    Get all your major display mediums covered with an awesome art wall like this!
    spotted over at Roomzaar
  • Pegboard Display 20 of 21
    Create a multi-functional display using pegboard like this.
    via Style Cookie
  • Photo Book 21 of 21
    Snap some photos of your child's artwork collection and turn them into a book, what a great idea! Sites like Shutterfly and Blurb are perfect for this very thing.
    spotted at Inhabitots

*lead image via Lonny Mag


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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