21 Kid-Friendly Crafts for Late Summer Boredom

We’ve hit that late summer stretch where the days are hot and the afternoons are long and boring. To help keep your kids occupied (and save your sanity!) before they head back to school, I’ve put together 21 great ideas for kid-friendly crafts below!

  • Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders 1 of 21
    Here's a super easy and fun nature craft the kids will love!
    instructions here from Eighteen25
  • Friendship Bracelets 2 of 21
    Be the cool mom in town and show your kiddos how it's done with this fun friendship bracelet tutorial.
    tutorial here from Honestly WTF
  • Beaded Bubble Wand 3 of 21
    Bubbles are always a hit, so why not have the kiddos make their own personalized, beaded bubble wand for some extra fun!?
    tutorial here from Kleas
  • DIY Bow and Arrow (Not Dangerous, I swear!) 4 of 21
    Have an Olympics inspired archery competition after helping the kids make their own bow and arrow set. Don't worry, the arrows are tipped with cork!
    instructions here from Imagine Childhood
  • Homemade Hovercraft 5 of 21
    Here's a fun experiment to run, how about a homemade hovercraft?
    Instructions via Scribbit
  • Homemade Sidewalk Chalk 6 of 21
    Get this kids involved and whip up a batch of your own homemade sidewalk chalk using stuff you probably already have around.
    recipe here from Oh My
  • Hot Rocks 7 of 21
    Warm some rocks up in the oven and then decorate with a crayon. As the wax melts you can make some pretty cool designs!
    via Eighteen25
  • Ribbon Twirlers 8 of 21
    Have your little dancer help you put together some of these easy no-sew twirlers then turn up the music and go nuts!
    via Curly Birds
  • Sidewalk Chalk Paint 9 of 21
    For a fun twist on boring old sidewalk chalk, make some sidewalk paint instead! Washes clean just the same.
    Instructions here from Mom's Crafty Space
  • Summer Lanterns 10 of 21
    Grab some tissue paper and Elmer's Glue for this super easy craft.
    instructions here from Meet The Dubiens
  • Tape Painting 11 of 21
    Help your kids (especially the older kids) create their very own abstract work of art with this fun idea.
    via Maria Teorien
  • Tin Can Lanterns 12 of 21
    Save your tin cans to make these super easy and fun lanterns!
    instructions here from Mama Scouts
  • Toile Paper Roll Owls 13 of 21
    Turn those toilet paper rolls into owls when you're finished with them!
    via How About Orange
  • Wood And Neon Lanyard Necklaces 14 of 21
    Kids can create their very own neon beaded necklaces with this fun idea.
    instructions here from Martha Stewart
  • Paint Your Own Sneakers 15 of 21
    Get some plain white canvas sneakers and dress let your kids personalize their own back to school shoes.
    details here from Canadian Family
  • Tie Dye! 16 of 21
    It can get a little messy, but this project is always so much fun.
    details here from Parents
  • Vacation Memory Jar 17 of 21
    Did you take any fun trips this summer? Have your kids create a memory jar with any pictures and souvenirs they brought back.
    instructions here from Martha Stewart
  • Paper Airplanes 18 of 21
    Paper airplanes never get old. Try out some new folding methods and have a little competition for fun!
    details here from Damn Cool Pictures
  • Paper Bag Puppets 19 of 21
    An oldie but a goodie! A puppet show is a great way to pass a lazy afternoon.
    via Our Big Earth
  • Sun Prints 20 of 21
    Using a special paper that dyes in the sun (I've heard construction paper does the same thing) make some cool prints using found objects like leaves and flowers.
    details here from The Light Garden
  • Cucumber Boat Races 21 of 21
    If you've got a garden, chances are you're overrun with cucumbers and zucchini right about now. Take some of that extra produce and craft boats with your kids. Have races and wars, so much fun!
    via One Hot Crafty Mama

*lead image from The Long Thread

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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