21 Super Fun and Free Summer Activities for the Family

There are so many wonderful things to do in the summer, and a lot of them are free! Here are 21 super fun activities to occupy your long summer days as a family.

  • Scenic Drives 1 of 20
    Scenic Drives
    Nothing screams "summer" like a long scenic drive.
    Photo Credit: Planetware
  • Scavenger Hunt 2 of 20
    Scavenger Hunt
    Whether it's a planned out hunt for the kids or a geocaching family outing, scavenger hunts are fun for the whole family.
    Photo Credit: Ehow
  • The Library 3 of 20
    The Library
    The library is great year round, but they usually have awesome summer activities for the little ones too.
    Photo Credit: CT Watchdog
  • Play Library! 4 of 20
    Play Library!
    If you don't feel like lugging the family to the library, create your own at home! It's a lot of fun and great practice for the kids.
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  • Swimming 5 of 20
    This one is kind of a no brainer. Swimming is a great way to cool down, it's great exercise and it's a lot of fun!
    Photo Credit: Dan's Hamptons
  • Butterfly Catching 6 of 20
    Butterfly Catching
    I have always dreamed of going butterfly catching, since we've always been a tadpole catching family. Whatever "bug" you seek, this is a great summer activity for togetherness.
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  • Tie Dye! 7 of 20
    Tie Dye!
    Tie dye is a summer classic. But why stop at t-shirts? Tie dye a tote or some bedding. You'll thank me later.
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  • The Beach 8 of 20
    The Beach
    It wouldn't be summer without some playing in the sand and tackling some waves.
    Photo Credit: Chromasia
  • Water Party 9 of 20
    Water Party
    With a hose, some buckets and a few sponges, you could have a great summer afternoon on your hands!
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  • Fishing 10 of 20
    I've never been a big fisher, but I sure do enjoy it for dinner!
    Photo Credit: Brown Hour
  • Grill in the Park 11 of 20
    Grill in the Park
    Grab the grill, a few blankets and the family for a great evening outdoors.
    Photo Credit: Nicole Calleen
  • Lemonade Stand 12 of 20
    Lemonade Stand
    With some cardboard, paint and a lot of lemonade you have a great summer family business and a lot of fun.
    Photo Credit: Gigabiting
  • Farmers Market 13 of 20
    Farmers Market
    The farmers market is a great one stop for ever member of the family to find something they love.
    Photo Credit: Change on the Go
  • Outdoor Concerts 14 of 20
    Outdoor Concerts
    If it's outdoors and you're with great company, who cares what band is playing?
    Photo Credit: Live the Wellington
  • Summer Movies 15 of 20
    Summer Movies
    There are a lot of cities that offer free movies on weekdays during the summer. It's a great way to get out of the heat and treat yourself to some popcorn.
    Photo Credit: Faithful Provisions
  • Park Exploring 16 of 20
    Park Exploring
    Finding new parks is one of my favorite things! It's adventurous and exciting and of course, free!
    Photo Credit: Ardor Blog
  • Backyard Camping 17 of 20
    Backyard Camping
    Get out the tent and flashlights for a fun night of family fun under the stars in your own backyard. I love this idea because if (when) you forget something, it's just inside the house!
    Photo Credit: National Wildlife Federation
  • Bike Rides! 18 of 20
    Bike Rides!
    Summer bike rides are the best way to get around town. It's romantic, fun and nostalgic. Love it!
    Photo Credit: Interior Design
  • Pen Pals 19 of 20
    Pen Pals
    While the kids are out of school, hook them up with a pen pal! It's a lot of fun for them and they practice writing during their time off.
    Photo Credit: Style Alchemy
  • Bonfires 20 of 20
    Bonfires are such a fun and easy summer activity. Who doesn't have great bonfire memories? That's what I thought.
    Photo Credit: The Cali Blog!


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