19 Super Stylish Shelf Display Inspirations

I adore pretty shelves! Are yours not up to snuff when it comes to displaying your favorite finds and other such things? Keep scrolling for 20 great ideas on how to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing shelving display in your space:

1. Sentimental Treasures

I love a shelf that tells a story like this one, displaying special treasures with style!

(via Beautiful Inspiration Designs)

2. Office Shelf Space

This photographer paired his collection of vintage cameras with a few other special trinkets and kind of kept a black-and-white theme going on. It looks great don’t you think?

(via Design Sponge)

3. Think Outside the Box

Shelves and wall displays don’t always need to be symmetrical and neat. Take a cue from this installment and get creative with it!

(via From Scandinavia With Love)

4. Family Heirloom Display

Here’s a great example of how to display priceless family photos, trinkets, and heirlooms.

(via Frou Frugal)

5. Space It Out

Give your things some room to breathe! Show off your hobbies and collected treasures without piling things on top of each other.

(via HGTV)

6. Asymmetrical Appreciation

Add some visual interest by avoiding mirror imagery. Hang things asymmetrically in odd numbers, shelves of three, five, or even seven.

(via HGTV)

7. Mixing Aesthetics

I like how this display mixes up vintage and traditional elements with more modern bits (like the patterns found on the plates juxtaposed against the classic and classy bird cage art.)

(via House of Smiths)

8. Bottled Goods

Why leave those pretty preserved goods hiding in the pantry? Here’s a fun display idea to show them off to the world.

(via Poetic Home)

9. Keep It Coordinated

Tie things together with a basic color palate like this shelf and its cool minimalist pieces with pops of color and near negative space.

(via Remodelista)

10. Non-Traditional Uses

Put your collections to work! Those milk glass cups and vases make great containers for toiletries above.

(via Rue Mag)

11. Stack Books for Height

Use stacked books to give certain items on your shelf a little boost.

(via HGTV)

12. Everything in Its Place

I really like this one: moving kitchen shelving away without necessarily just shoving everything behind closed cupboard doors. Here’s proof that kitchen shelves can be both functional and gorgeous.

(via 320 Sycamore)

13. Organized With Style

You know that old saying “a place for everything and everything in its place”? Yeah … so, that.

(via Apartment Therapy)

14. Dining Room Design

Look past those lime green table runners to the shelves behind. I think this shelf display adds a fantastic personal touch to a room that can often feel bland and impersonal.

(via Better Homes and Gardens)

15. Kitchen Shelving

Three cheers for choosing kitchen dishes meant for use and display. Don’t these shelves look inviting?

(via Design Sponge)

16. Mirrored Back

Add an eye-catching element to your shelves to spice things up. like this mirrored backing or the brightly patterned wallpaper.

(via House and Home)

17. Change One Thing

Switch out your basic support brackets for something a little more interesting, like the ribbon brackets pictured here. I think they really contribute a certain je ne sais quoi!

(via Martha Stewart)

18. Stacked Table Display

What about having the actual shelves themselves contribute to the display? This shelving unit is actually composed of three identical tables stacked and secured. I love the drama it adds to the room, don’t you?

(via Apartment Therapy)

19. Wallpaper Love

Why not wallpaper the shelves themselves? I think it’s a fun departure from painted and plain, plus it ties things together so nicely with the color scheme above.

(via Martha Stewart)

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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