22 Awesome Summer Crafts for Kids

While summer is my favorite time of year, sometimes kids out of school makes for some loooong boring days at the house. Here’s your solution to summer boredom! It’s the perfect time to doing some kids craft projects that they’ll love to make and play with after. Here are 22 awesome summer kids craft ideas…

  • Marshmallow Family 1 of 22
    Marshmallow Family
    So colorful and adorable! Kids will get a kick out of making their own marshmallow characters.
    See it here at Color Me Kate
  • Decoupage Buckets 2 of 22
    Decoupage Buckets
    A really fun project for an older child, or a younger one who wants to get messy! Great way to use up old wrapping paper too.
    See it here at Apartment Therapy
  • Lego Print Wrapping Paper 3 of 22
    Lego Print Wrapping Paper
    How brilliant is this idea to make lego wrapping paper! My son would love stamping these all day long.
    See it here Mama Librarian
  • Cool Whip Marshmallows 4 of 22
    Cool Whip Marshmallows
    Grab a tub of cool whip and make marshmallows in any cookie cutter size for a dessert topping.
    See it here at Say Yes to Hoboken
  • Lace Boards 5 of 22
    Lace Boards
    The best busy kid toy! Kids will love making and playing with these lace boards.
    See it here at Paint Me Plaid
  • Homemade Kite 6 of 22
    Homemade Kite
    I had no idea these were so easy to make. Perfect morning activity with an afternoon flying it in the park.
    See it here at Storm the Castle
  • Tin Can Stilts 7 of 22
    Tin Can Stilts
    Remember these? A little throwback that your kids will really enjoying doing around the neighborhood.
    See it here at Zakka Life
  • Hammered Leaf Prints 8 of 22
    Hammered Leaf Prints
    Combine a nature walk with a craft project in this fun idea.
    See it here at Build Make Craft Bake
  • Milk Carton Bird Feeder 9 of 22
    Milk Carton Bird Feeder
    Nothing says summer like watching and feeding birds. Make an easy bird feeder from a milk carton box!
    See it here at Kaboose
  • Conchshell Gardens 10 of 22
    Conchshell Gardens
    Beautiful gardens planted in shells! Perfect beach activity.
    See it here at Urban Organica
  • Freezer Stencil Placemats 11 of 22
    Freezer Stencil Placemats
    Kids will love helping to set the table with these fun freezer stencil placemats.
    See it here at Say Yes to Hoboken
  • Painted Gradient Blocks 12 of 22
    Painted Gradient Blocks
    Older kids will love helping paint and younger kids will enjoy playing with the finished product.
    See it here at Handmade Charlotte
  • Personalized Memory Game 13 of 22
    Personalized Memory Game
    A really fun game for kids to help create and help build their memory skills.
    See it here at Say Yes to Hoboken
  • Jug Turned Watering Can 14 of 22
    Jug Turned Watering Can
    Get out that drill and show kids a fun way to re-use those old juice jugs.
    See it here at Say Yes to Hoboken
  • Tension Rod Puppet Theatre 15 of 22
    Tension Rod Puppet Theatre
    What kid doesn't love a puppet show? Using a tension rod makes this project a breeze.
    See it here Delia Creates
  • Bunny Ear Jars 16 of 22
    Bunny Ear Jars
    Such a cute idea to hold a child's treasures. Let the kid choose the animal and paint color!
    See it here Torie Jayne
  • Canvas Checkerboard 17 of 22
    Canvas Checkerboard
    Checkers will entertain every kid on a hot summer afternoon. A fun version to make yourself.
    See it here at Martha Stewart
  • Mouse Tin House 18 of 22
    Mouse Tin House
    How sweet are these mouse tins? Kids will love creating their own.
    See it here at Oh Sweet Babies
  • Straw Marble Maze 19 of 22
    Straw Marble Maze
    A fun marble maze that will challenge kids and re-use those boxes in recycling.
    See it here at Say Yes to Hoboken
  • Sunprints 20 of 22
    Sun prints are perfect for a hot, summer day. So many possibilities here for decorating.
    See it here at The Light Garden
  • Rainbow Crayons 21 of 22
    Rainbow Crayons
    Re-use those broken crayons and get your coloring on in rainbow!
    See it here at Say Yes to Hoboken
  • Clothes Pin Caterpillars 22 of 22
    Clothes Pin Caterpillars
    Cute little clothes pin caterpillars are perfect for an easy summer kids craft.
    See it here Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom


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