22 Awesome Ways to Reuse Pool Noodles Year Round

Schools are back in session, pools are closing, and that means one thing — summer pool clearance! From swimsuits to towels to toys, you’ll find everything you need for next summer at deep discounts this month. I can’t resist a good clearance sale, and there’s always at least one item I’m waiting to buy at the end of the season.

I have my eye on pool noodles this year. They’re already cheap enough, and the half-price sales are calling my name. I just keep landing on crafts and home ideas that feature ways to reuse pool noodles. Now is definitely the time to buy them, and here are some of my favorite project ideas to reuse pool noodles all year:

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  • Lightsabers 2 of 23

    My inner geek loves this one! Here is a simple idea for turning pool noodles into lightsabers - fun, easy, and completely safe for the kids.
    Read more at Hoosier Party Girl

  • Hanger Padding 3 of 23

    This is absolutely genius. Fit part of a pool noodle over a hanger to provide support to more delicate clothing.
    Read more pool noodle ideas at Family Home and Life

  • Marble Race Track 4 of 23

    Slice a pool noodle in half to reveal a perfect marble track. Race marbles down the stairs for indoor fun.
    Read more at My Homespun Threads

  • Pool Noodle Maze 5 of 23

    Hang pool noodles from a garage ceiling to create an interesting maze. I picture this as part of a homemade haunted house.
    Read more at Today in Memmottville

  • Nautical Pilings 6 of 23

    This is an awesome way to turn pool noodles into nautical decor for your front porch. They look so realistic!
    Read more at Miss Kopy Kat

  • Paint Stamping 7 of 23

    The different shapes of pool noodles can make interesting stampers for kids' paint projects. They're perfect for little hands to hold.
    Read more at The Chocolate Muffin Tree

  • Patriotic Firecrackers 8 of 23

    Here's one to put in your back pocket for the 4th of July. Cut down pool noodles and jazz them up to make these fun firecrackers.
    Read more at At the PIcket Fence

  • Pom Pom Shooter 9 of 23

    A pool noodle, balloon, and duct tape are all you need create these awesome pom pom shooters for the little ones. It's like a marshmallow shooter, but with less sugar.
    Read more at Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail

  • Pony Ride-On 10 of 23

    Make your own hobby horse from a pool noodle. Kids would have such a great time adding the decorative touches on this pony craft.
    Read more at PreK+K Sharing

  • Popsicle Decor 11 of 23

    I'm in the midst of planning a huge, candy-themed Sweet Sixteen party for the teen. These giant popsicles are going to be a perfect fit for the decor.
    Read more at Party Pinching

  • Rainbow Party Decor 12 of 23

    I love this rainbow for a colorful party decoration. In addition to a simple rainbow theme, I can see this as a the perfect compliment to a My Little Pony or LaLaLoopsy party theme.
    Read more at blog

  • Tic Tac Toe 13 of 23

    This is a fun version of tic-tac-toe that issimple to create from a couple of pool noodles. I think it would be a fun pool deck game next year, too!
    Read more at Ziggity Zoom

  • Nunchucks 14 of 23

    This recycled craft is perfect for Ninja Turtle fans this Halloween. Make your own soft, safe TMNT Nunchucks.
    Read more at Dolled Up Design

  • Toddler Bed Rail 15 of 23

    Here is a simple tip to keep kids from falling out of bed — tuck a pool noodle under the fitted sheet.
    Read more at Lifehacker

  • Witch’s Legs 16 of 23

    This simple Halloween decoration is made by stuffing batting inside a pair of tights and boots, but may people on Pinterest have recreated it with a pool noodle.
    Read more at Parents

  • Card Holder 17 of 23

    Using a pool noodle as a card holder doesn't have to stop with this word game.

  • 3D Sculptures 18 of 23

    This craft for kids was created to help develop fine motor skills. I also think kids would just enjoy making their own creatures, totem poles or abstract sculptures.
    Read more at Delicate Construction

  • Cake Pop Stand 19 of 23

    If you've ever tried to make cake pops, you know one of the hardest parts is standing them up to dry. Pool noodles to the rescue!
    Read more at A Baker's House

  • Candy Cane 20 of 23

    What a simple, awesome holiday decoration! Wrap a pool noodle in duct tape stripes, then secure the bend with clear fishing line.
    Read more at Trendy Tree

  • Catapult 21 of 23

    I am loving this toddler-friendly catapult! Made simply from pool noodles and rubber bands, it is large enough for little hands to grasp for tons of fun flinging things across the yard.
    Read more at Toddler Approved

  • Faux Cupcakes 22 of 23

    How cute are these pool noodle cupcakes? They would be a great decoration for a tea party or any number of other party themes.
    Read more at Nellie Bellie

  • Boot Filler 23 of 23

    This one is just pure genius — keep your boots standing tall in storage with a couple pieces of pool noodles. I am definitely making this happen ASAP!
    Read more at Practically Functional

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