23 Industrial Influenced Spaces You'll Want To See

Here’s a quick breakdown on the industrial wave that I’ve been writing about (I adore it!) for the last few years: lots of stainless steel, aged metals, exposed filament bulbs, aged wood, and pipe-influenced fixtures and furniture. If you love these sorts of design elements all packed with a vintage flair, boy do I have a treat for you! Click through the gallery to see 22 additional inspiring industrial influenced spaces below!

  • Industrial Desk 1 of 22
    Industrial Desk
    Surgery table turned desk, how cool is that?
    via Apartment Therapy
  • Bar Stools 2 of 22
    Bar Stools
    I really love the look of these industrial bar stools, they look right at home don't you think?
    via Apartment Therapy
  • Room Full 3 of 22
    Room Full
    I'll take one of everything please!
    via Country Living
  • Medical Cabinet 4 of 22
    Medical Cabinet
    This amazing stainless steel medical cabinet came straight from a hospital auction.
    via Parentables
  • Colorful Steel Shelving 5 of 22
    Colorful Steel Shelving
    These colorful shelves are super great and a change from the monochromatic industrial color palate.
    via Design Addict
  • Steel Library 6 of 22
    Steel Library
    Wouldn't you love to have library shelves like these? The stool and lamps aren't too bad either.
    via Design Addict
  • Culture Clash 7 of 22
    Culture Clash
    The rest of this room is pretty stuffy in comparison to the industrial shelving. It's a nice contrast I think.
    via Furniture Classics
  • The Perfect Dining Table 8 of 22
    The Perfect Dining Table
    It's not cheap friends, but boy, is it pretty!
    pick it up for $2,599 from Horchow
  • One Of A Kind Finds 9 of 22
    One Of A Kind Finds
    Here's a super cool space with a unique industrial fixture and a one of a kind bench.
    via Loft Design
  • A Place For Everything 10 of 22
    A Place For Everything
    I'd love to know what kind of treasures this cool cabinet originally held.
    via Oh Happy Day
  • Pipe Bed 11 of 22
    Pipe Bed
    This room is such a great example of how to incorporate the industrial trend into children's spaces. What a fantastic bed!
    via Little People's Linen
  • Fantastic Fixtures 12 of 22
    Fantastic Fixtures
    How do you feel about industrial inspired light fixtures? I think these are so cool.
    via Second Shout Out
  • Exposed Brick 13 of 22
    Exposed Brick
    I love the exposed brick wall behind all of these amazing pieces. Everything just looks like it belongs.
    via Lovely Undergrad
  • Kid Friendly 14 of 22
    Kid Friendly
    Another great example of industrial influences in children's spaces.
    via Houzz
  • Industrial Encapsulation 15 of 22
    Industrial Encapsulation
    I think the room itself might be the biggest source of industrial influence, everything else just kind of falls right into place.
    via Ffffound
  • Stylish Storage 16 of 22
    Stylish Storage
    I think these industrial carts are rather interesting.
    via Lyreng
  • Minimalist 17 of 22
    I like to think of this as minimalist influenced industrial. What do you think?
    via The Designer Pad
  • Industrial Wall 18 of 22
    Industrial Wall
    How crazy rad is this industrial library?
    via The Pursuit Aesthetic
  • Exposed Pantry 19 of 22
    Exposed Pantry
    Love the challenge of creating a display worthy pantry unit like this one. First step: find a cool industrial rack like this one.
    via Apartment Therapy
  • Labeled Cabinet 20 of 22
    Labeled Cabinet
    These industrial drawers look so stately in such a bright white room.
    via HGTV
  • Filing Cabinets And Lockers 21 of 22
    Filing Cabinets And Lockers
    Should you be lucky enough to come across old lockers or filing cabinets, snag them immediately!
    via Angel At My Table
  • Industrial Collective 22 of 22
    Industrial Collective
    I love the oxidized look of these chairs, they fit this space so well.
    via Desire To Inspire

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