23 Ways to Rock the Hottest Trend Right Now

bright jeans

The spring collections are hitting the racks right now and the one trend that I’m seeing absolutely everywhere is the bright colored jean. While I have yet to attempt the look slightly fearful of the way turquoise would translate splashed across my athletic legs (read: cankles included) I can’t help but admire the way fashionable ladies are making it look oh so effortless and darn right amazing. Here I’ve rounded up images of different ways these ladies are rocking the trend in case you feel so inclined to give it a try. Warning: photo posing skills not included.

  • Green Casual 1 of 23
    Green Casual
    Pair your brights with a loose sweater and Chuck Taylors for a hip but casual look.
    Photo credit: Metier
  • Blue + Polka Dots 2 of 23
    Blue + Polka Dots
    Polka dots can look young but put them with bright blue and strappy heels plus some killer confidence and it looks runway worthy.
    Photo credit: NY Mag
  • Red + Chambray 3 of 23
    Red + Chambray
    Red seems to be one of the colors of jeans I'm seeing the most. It works well with a chambray shirt.
    Photo credit: Kendi Everyday
  • Pink + Jean Shirt 4 of 23
    Pink + Jean Shirt
    I feel like it's kind of hard to pull off the jean shirt with blue jeans look. Waring it with pink seems somehow easier.
    Photo credit: Song of Style
  • Yellow 5 of 23
    This girl knows how to mix her color. A nice pop of pink and turquoise compliment the yellow pants with overwhelming her.
    Photo credit: Clothed Much
  • Red + Gray 6 of 23
    Red + Gray
    Accessories are an important part of pulling together so many of these looks. I love the purple skinny belt and cute bow.
    Photo credit: Clothed Much
  • Bright Purple + Layers 7 of 23
    Bright Purple + Layers
    This orchid color is my favorite of the moment although I never thought of it for pants. Kendi makes it work.
    Photo credit: Kendi Everyday
  • Red + Stripes + Leather 8 of 23
    Red + Stripes + Leather
    Black and white stripes paired with red can look a little Cat in the Hat but add a buttery leather jacket and you have a winner.
    Photo credit: Eat Sleep Wear
  • Springy Green 9 of 23
    Springy Green
    I love the soft floral scarf that makes this look oh so feminine.
    Photo credit: Kendi Everyday
  • Creamsicle + Camel 10 of 23
    Creamsicle + Camel
    Camel is another great neutral that isn't as expected as white but goes well with every color.
    Photo credit: Eat Sleep Wear
  • Red + Polka Dots 11 of 23
    Red + Polka Dots
    More polka dots! This time on a smaller scale for a more subtle accent.
    Photo credit: What I Wore
  • Red + Neutrals 12 of 23
    Red + Neutrals
    Red pants become a timeless looking piece when accessorized with classic favorites like a Chanel bag and neutral blazer.
    Photo credit: 9 to 5 Chic
  • Turquoise + White Tee 13 of 23
    Turquoise + White Tee
    With a lot of color on the bottom, it's a good idea to go simple up top. I love this slouchy white tee and blazer combo.
    Photo credit: Grazia
  • Pink + Black + White 14 of 23
    Pink + Black + White
    While the black and white top is great, the clutch and shoes are what make this look. I love the mustard yellow.
    Photo credit: Refinery 29
  • Orange + Chanel Jacket 15 of 23
    Orange + Chanel Jacket
    Proof that a Chanel jacket can go with everything, even bright orange jeans.
    Photo credit: Elle
  • Green + Black 16 of 23
    Green + Black
    The whole look is stellar but I can't keep my eyes off of the chic nude heels.
    Photo credit: The Style Sample
  • Electric Blue + White 17 of 23
    Electric Blue + White
    When it doubt, go with white up top. That way it's not too loud.
    Photo credit: Brooklyn Blonde
  • Neon 18 of 23
    These are the brightest of the bunch and only to be attempted by the very brave.
    Photo credit: Eat Sleep Denim
  • Orange 19 of 23
    This blogger is not afraid to go bold with every piece of her look.
    Photo credit: Eat Sleep Denim
  • Magenta + Leopard 20 of 23
    Magenta + Leopard
    I always kind of laughed when fashionistas called animal prints neutral but with this stylish look, I can see it.
    Photo credit: Elle
  • Red + Plaid 21 of 23
    Red + Plaid
    This mix could steer country but this lovely lady is pulling it off city style.
    Photo credit: Refinery 29
  • Red + Striped Men Shirt 22 of 23
    Red + Striped Men Shirt
    Stripes, red and animal print - this girl rocks three trends effortlessly.
    Photo credit: Tomboy Style
  • Bright Blue + Cropped Jacket 23 of 23
    Bright Blue + Cropped Jacket
    Pair your bright blues with a graphic white tee and a cropped jacket and you'll look ready to go to a rock concert.
    Photo credit: Wendy's Lookbook

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