24 Autumn-Inspired Paint Colors to “Fall” For

Oh, autumn, you season of all seasons, you. We welcome you with open arms coming off of a long, hot summer. Famous as the season of harvest, you bring with you crisp air, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course, the deepest, richest colors.

As the weather cools and the kids go back to school, fall invites us to spend more time at home. In addition to cooking up comfort foods and cozying up by the fire, let’s take a page from nature and bring autumn inside.


  • Welcome fall! 1 of 30

    One of the easiest ways to warm up our home is with the vibrant colors of fall. Let's celebrate the wonder of Mother Nature with this, your ultimate autumn-inspired paint color palette!

  • Inspiration: Fall leaves 2 of 30

    As leaves turn into a vast array of hearty golds and reds, we're reminded of the soft place for landing they provided us as kids. Bring these cherished memories indoors with these paint choices:


    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Benjamin Moore: Fields of Gold 3 of 30

     Benjamin Moore Fields of Gold 203 is a deep, impassioned gold that makes no apologies.


  • Benjamin Moore: Marblehead Gold 4 of 30

    While a subtler choice, Benjamin Moore Marblehead Gold HC-11 provides all the warmth and inspired comfort of home.

  • Ralph Lauren: Bold Orange 5 of 30

    Ralph Lauren Bold Orange RLIB229 is a statement color sure to inspire conversation and plenty of compliments.


  • Sherman Williams: Fired Brick 6 of 30
  • Valspar: Golden Spell 7 of 30

    Bright, bold, and breathtaking, Valspar Golden Spell 3004-1B manages to capture fall's most vibrant golden hue.


  • Valspar: Autumn Blaze 8 of 30

    Valspar Autumn Blaze 2002-1A marries nature's reds, oranges, and yellows together in this perfect toasty fall blend.


  • Inspiration: Acorns 9 of 30

    Acorns, a fall symbol used in everything from ornamental decor to fashion, provide earthy autumnal inspiration.


    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Sherman Williams: Weathered Oak 10 of 30

    Rich and rustic, Sherman Williams Weathered Oak 1050 instantly becomes a rural classic.


  • Benjamin Moore: Acorn Yellow 11 of 30

    Benjamin Moore Acorn Yellow 2161-40 departs from the traditional acorn browns in favor of a golden undertone. The result - a beautiful deep neutral.


  • Ralph Lauren: Walnut 12 of 30

    Ralph Lauren Walnut RLNA215 captures the beautiful tawny tone of natural elements.

  • Ralph Lauren: Mudroom 13 of 30

    Reminiscent of the earth found at a riverbed's edge, Ralph Lauren Mudroom RLNA219 provides an instant rustic feel.



  • Sherman Williams: Renwick Golden Oak 14 of 30

    With it's slight golden tone, Sherman Williams Renwick Golden Oak SW2824 is a great staple earth tone you can use throughout your home.


  • Inspiration: Pumpkin patch 15 of 30

    We couldn't forget the pumpkin patch! As the ultimate symbol of all things fall, you'll love incorporating these gorgeous bright hues into your home!


    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Valspar: Pumpkin Butter 16 of 30

    Doesn't Valspar Pumpkin Butter 2007-1B just look yummy? It does. Now image this buttery orange delight on your walls! Bold and gorgeous.


  • Valspar: Toasted Pumpkin 17 of 30

    Valspar Toasted Pumpkin 2006-1A is the perfect autumnal blend of orange with a tint of nutty brown.

  • Valspar: Pumpkin Burst 18 of 30

    With a slightly more golden hue, Valspar Pumpkin Burst 2005-1B really pops with fall excitement. Pair with rich creams, and various shades of brown for a charming, artistic vibe.



  • Benjamin Moore: Forest Hills Green 19 of 30

    We discovered a pastoral paradise in Benjamin Moore Forest Hills Green 433. Truly, a dream green.


  • Valspar: Mountain Botanical 20 of 30

    Looking for a natural green that pops? Valspar Mountain Botanical 6010-9 is fresh and lush, just the way nature intended.


  • Inspiration: Apples 21 of 30

    As a favorite fall pastime of many, apple picking reminds us just how delicious and crisp autumn can be.


    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Sherman Williams: Positive Red 22 of 30

    As the name suggests, Sherman Williams Positive Red 6871 is just that - a bold red. Bright, beautiful, and begging for attention, this red makes a fiery statement in any room.


  • Valspar: Classic Red 23 of 30

    With a mild blue undertone, Valspar Classic Red 1009-2 is a beautifully balanced red that's both elegant and inviting.


  • Behr: Grenadine 24 of 30

    Dare to discover crimson at its finest in Behr Grenadine S-G-180.


  • Valspar: Apple Peel 25 of 30

    The muted red found in Valspar Apple Peel CI101 is about the closest thing we've ever seen to a genuine Red Delicious apple. Looks tasty!


  • Benjamin Moore: Apple Green 26 of 30

    Granny Smith, anyone? Crisp and juicy Benjamin Moore Apple Green 2026-40 has got you covered.


  • Inspiration: Corn maze 27 of 30

    Getting lost in a corn maze is half the fun! Recreate the magic indoors with these corn maze inspired colors:


    Image credit: Shutterstock

  • Benjamin Moore: Corn Silk 28 of 30

    The understated charm of Benjamin Moore Corn Silk CC-218 serves as a welcome addition to any existing home color palette.

  • Valspar: Cornhusk 29 of 30

    Valspar Cornhusk 292-4 natural buff tone provides a balanced neutral against bold colors.


  • Benjamin Moore: Corn Stalk 30 of 30

    We found Benjamin Moore Corn Stalk 542 to be a happy breath of fresh air. This green's a real charmer!



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