24 Mugs for Serious Coffee Drinkers

There are coffee lovers and then there are COFFEE LOVERS. Mistake the two on any given morning, and you’re likely to learn the difference the hard way.

For many of us, coffee is as much a part of each day as a sunrise. It gets us motivated, makes others tolerable, and serves as a zombie antidote (no, really). Coffee is so much more than just a preferred morning beverage — it’s a reason to get out of bed. And don’t even get me started on the importance of a favorite coffee cup…

Here are 24 mug suggestions for the most serious of coffee drinkers:

  • Mmm coffee… 1 of 25
    Funny coffee mugs

    Take a look at 24 coffee mugs with the serious coffee drinker in mind. I'll drink to that!

  • Pothead mug 2 of 25
    pothead coffee mug

    Are you a total pothead? I know I am. Own it loud and proud with this coffee pot mug!

    Available from CafePress; $13.49

  • Prescription coffee mug 3 of 25
    Prescription bottle coffee mug

    Dr. Feelgood recommends drinking mug by mug of "black gold" until awake and alert. We can totally do that. And don't you just love the prescription bottle novelty of it all? Fresh brewed perfection.

    Available from Amazon, $11.95

  • Brass knuckle mug 4 of 25
    Brass knuckles coffee mug

    Whoa there! This brass knuckle mug shows the world just how serious you are about coffee...and getting what you want. Just keep it coming and no one gets hurt.

    Available from Amazon; $27.89

  • World upside down mug 5 of 25
    My world without coffee mug

    Is it just me or does nothing make sense until you've had your first cup or three of morning coffee? If you're world is turned upside down until you hear the glorious "beeeep!" of your coffee maker, this mug is for you.

    Available from CafePress; $13.49


  • Coffee consumption threat levels mug 6 of 25
    Hilarious coffee mug

    While the National Terrorism Advisory System is nothing to laugh about, family members might argue neither are your coffee consumption levels. Based on the amount of coffee in your mug, coworkers and family members know when to proceed with caution - just the way you like it.

    Available from Zazzle; $22.95

  • Better lovers mug 7 of 25
    Coffee drinkers make better lovers mug

    Coffee drinkers make better lovers because they understand the importance of getting out of bed only long enough to brew it. That's hot.

    Available from Etsy's MODernThrowBack; $7.50

  • Caffeine molecule mug 8 of 25
    Molecular caffeine mug

    Nerd alert! Ignite your java super powers with this caffeine molecule mug, just perfect for science lovers.

    Available from Amazon; 11.99


  • Die without coffee mug 9 of 25
    Yes, I will die without coffee mug

    Let people know that death without coffee isn't a "maybe" thing. It's as serious as a caffeine-deprived migraine certain death.

    Available from CafePress; $13.49

  • Caffeine communication mug 10 of 25
    Levels of coffee consumption mug

    This mug lets the outside world know just how much they can expect from you before optimal communication is possible. Don't say the mug didn't warn you...

    Available from CafePress; $13.49

  • Coffee before talkie mug 11 of 25
    Coffee before talkie mug

    Perhaps my favorite of the bunch, "Coffee before talkie" says it all in just three little words. Keep the coffee flowing and the conversation could go on for hours and hours.

    Available from CafePress; $13.49

  • Essential fluids mug 12 of 25
    Essential fluids mug

    For many of us, coffee is the essential fluid that gets our engines started and keep us going. Low on fluid = low on living.

    Available from Zazzle; $22.15

  • Coffee lovers united mug 13 of 25
    Coffee lovers united mug

    Perhaps the only club you're a mug-carrying member of, Coffee Lovers United is dedicated to celebrating and preserving caffeinated goodness.

    Available from Zazzle; $19.95


  • Level of consciousness mug 14 of 25

    Gotta love this color-changing level of consciousness mug. When the mug is cold, it's just a solid black mug, but once a hot beverage is added the mug turns white and the text appears. It's magical, just like coffee.

    Available from Zazzle; $23.95

  • Cut you mug 15 of 25
    Funny coffee mug

    This color changing mug tells them how you really feel. Heed the mug warning, people. Heed. It.

    Uncensored version available from Amazon; $16.99

  • Believer mug 16 of 25
    I believe in more coffee mug

    We all need something to believe in and for many, coffee is it. Coffee made a believer out of me a long time ago and it never lets me down.

    Available from Zazzle; $18.95

  • Red heart mug 17 of 25
    I f----ing love coffee mug

    If you really f------- love coffee (and we know you do), this mug says it all. With class.

    Uncensored version available from Amazon; $6.99

  • Coffee gooood mug 18 of 25
    Coffee Goooood mug

    Because really, coffee is good. In fact, it's more than good, it's gooood.

    Available from Zazzle; $16.95

  • Blood type is coffee mug 19 of 25
    Blood type is coffee

    Just as blood carries oxygen to all your vital organs, coffee carries blessed caffeine to our senses in the most delicious and delightful way. Make no mistake, coffee is vital.

    Available from Cafe Pretzel; $14.99

  • Zombie vaccine mug 20 of 25
    Zombie vaccine mug

    Told you coffee was the zombie antidote, and now there's a mug to prove it. Bring your zombie back to life with this mug, filled to the brim, of course.

    Available from Etsy's KnotworkShop; $12

  • Coffee I.V. Stat mug 21 of 25
    Coffee IV Stat mug

    What's this? Why, a simple black mug that morphs white with the text "Coffee I.V. STAT" once a hot beverage is added, of course! We love it and need it - stat!

    Available from Amazon; $16.99

  • I drink coffee… 22 of 25
    I drink coffee for your protection mug

    Auntie Acid tells it like it is with this adorably snarky mug. Coffee, we drink it all for you. You can thank us later.

    Available from Amazon; $14.99

  • My cuppa coffee mug 23 of 25
    My cuppa coffee mug

    Coffee preferences are highly personal which is why I love the "My cuppa coffee" mug. I can simply point out my preference to my barista husband and he can make the perfect cup every time! Thanks, honey!

    Available from Amazon; $16

  • OCD mug 24 of 25
    OCD Obsessive coffee disorder mug

    A little OCD are you? Celebrate your obsessive coffee disorder with this novelty mug.

    Available from Etsy's Mugsleys; $10

  • Increasing tolerance mug 25 of 25
    Increasing tolerance one cup at a time coffee mug

    We couldn't agree more with this mug's proclamation. It's amazing how much more tolerant we become with each delicious cup.

    Available from Etsy's Blue Fox Gifts; $9.99

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