25 Adorable Backyard Sheds

Photo: Janis Nicolay

I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but every time May/June rolls around I have an unyielding urge to build/create the most adorable backyard shed possible (and I have a Pinterest board on the subject to prove it).  In fact not one but two or three.  One for a home office, one to store gardening and one to just have an open door to lounge in.  Not that our mini backyard could accomodate them all, but we could have at least one.  There’s just something about creating something neat and tidy and organized in a very small space.  The above one (that I’m currently drooling over) is from the talented landscape designers of Aloe Designs as photographed by interiors photographer Janis Nicolay. (They have an amazing backyard garden worth checking out here). It’s inspired me to go looking for a shed (yet once again); check out my finds in the slideshow below.

  • National Trust Garden Shed 1 of 23
    National Trust Garden Shed
    The folks out of the UK seem to know how to build the perfect shed. This one, the National Trust Garden Shed is one of them.
  • Backyard Oasis 2 of 23
    Backyard Oasis
    An amazing space to relax and read a book for the summer
    From (Via Desire to Inspire)
  • Shed/Treehouse 3 of 23
    A fun alternative to a treehouse.
  • Whimsical Shed Work Space 4 of 23
    Whimsical Shed Work Space
    Probably one of the most beautiful backyard sheds I've seen.
  • A Loft Porch 5 of 23
    A Loft Porch
    Don't have a porch? Make one!
    From Poteet Architects.
  • A Backyard Retreat 6 of 23
    A Backyard Retreat
    A little space and peace from the hubbub of the house and family life.
  • Green Roof 7 of 23
    Green Roof
    A cute succulent roof adds insulation and cuteness!
  • Wooden Shiplap Pent-Roof Shed 8 of 23
    Wooden Shiplap Pent-Roof Shed
    Another British cutie, the wooden shiplap Pent-Roof Shed.
    From B&Q.
  • A Modern Oasis 9 of 23
    A Modern Oasis
    A beautifully designed open-spaced office atmosphere designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects.
    From Shedworking.
  • An Adorable Interior 10 of 23
    An Adorable Interior
    A well-organized and cute interior.
    From (Via
  • Two-Story Studio 11 of 23
    Two-Story Studio
    How perfect would this one be? Could serve double-duty, potting shed below, office above.
    From (Via
  • Build Your Own! 12 of 23
    Build Your Own!
    Construct a shed yourself with a make your own kit. Available at hardware stores.
  • Make an Entrance 13 of 23
    Make an Entrance
    A pathway to the shed is just as adorable as the shed itself.
    From (Via
  • Shed and Retreat 14 of 23
    Shed and Retreat
    If you take a look at the front of this shed - it's a beautiful garden retreat, while the back serves as a storage shed.
    From (Images: Architizer).
  • Prefab Sheds 15 of 23
    Prefab Sheds
    This prefab is the perfect home office.
    From Kanga Room (via Apartment Therapy).
  • His and Hers Sheds 16 of 23
    His and Hers Sheds
    Artemis and Nao's matching sheds.
  • Red Doors 17 of 23
    Red Doors
    A gorgeous little Oasis in the heart of Portland
    From (Images: Molly Anderson).
  • Tipi Harmonie 18 of 23
    Tipi Harmonie
    A growing Tipi by tricoiredesign.
  • Palmerston Sheds 19 of 23
    Palmerston Sheds
    Love the french doors on this one.
  • The Love Shack 20 of 23
    The Love Shack
    This adorable and might I say well-styled building is owned by Heather Cameron, a Vancouver stylist on her blueberry farm, Missing Goat. (The above photo was photographed by Janis Nicolay).
    From Poppytalk.
  • Backyard Office 21 of 23
    Backyard Office
    Backyard office of Martha Mendoza (a tiny home office, housed in a converted potting shed) in Santa Cruz, California.
  • Two Sheds Join Together 22 of 23
    Two Sheds Join Together
    Designer Jean Oddes brilliantly installed two black painted garden sheds (to face each other); a large slatted deck in between to hold his dining room which is protected by a canopy of canvas stretched between the two treated huts on wire ropes. One room houses a kitchen while the other, a bedroom.
    From credit: Vincent Leroux/Temps Machine.).
  • Cube It! 23 of 23
    Cube It!
    A cute little cube to hang out in!

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