25 Amazing Party DIYs

Decorate your next party from top to bottom with all the trendiest DIYs out there. Make your own striped straws, hang a colorful garland for a photo booth backdrop, even put your own special touch on the cutlery. Going the DIY route can be a great money savor in the midst of entertaining for a large group of people. No matter what the occasion, these 25 Amazing Party DIYs can definitely come in handy.

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    25 Amazing Party DIYs

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  • DIY Striped Straws 2 of 26

    Use adhesive paper to decorate your straws with stripes.
    Find out more at Lavender's Blue.

  • Tissue Paper Flowers 3 of 26

    Make tissue paper flowers to hang across the ceiling.
    Find out more at A Beautiful Mess.

  • Polka Dot Tablecloth 4 of 26

    Decorate a plain white tablecloth with colorful polka dots.
    Find out more at Oh Happy Day.

  • Confetti Balloons 5 of 26

    Fill balloons with confetti for this fun look.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Splatter Paint Table Runner 6 of 26

    Use popsicle sticks to make a colorful, splatter paint table runner for the dessert table.
    Find out more at At Home in Love.

  • Tassel Garland 7 of 26

    Use scrap fabric to make a colorful tassel garland for decorating.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Drink Stirrers 8 of 26

    Put wooden beads on bamboo skewers to make these geometric drink stirrers.
    Find out more at Confetti Pop.

  • Feather Cake Topper 9 of 26

    Decorate your cake with a feather cake topper.
    Find out more at Kelli Murray.

  • Light Up Sign 10 of 26

    Make a light up sign of the birthday girl or boy's name.
    Find out more at Home Heart Craft.

  • Pipe Cleaner Crown 11 of 26

    Make a brightly colored pipe cleaner crown the night before.
    Find out more at Sucre Diaries.

  • Number Sign 12 of 26

    Follow this tutorial to learn how to make a tissue paper number sign for the birthday boy or girl.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Paper Lantern Pinata 13 of 26

    Cover a paper lantern in tissue paper to make it a piñata.
    Find out more at Studio DIY.

  • Animal Masks 14 of 26

    Get the templates for making your own animal masks to give to guests.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Honeycomb Garland 15 of 26

    Fill a blank wall with a brightly colored garland
    Find out more at Oh Happy Day.

  • Giant Candles 16 of 26

    This is such a great tutorial for a unique way to decorate the table.
    Find out more at Sugar and Cloth.

  • Decorated Party Hats 17 of 26

    Learn how to make mini party hats and decorate them exactly how you'd like.
    Find out more at Studio DIY.

  • DIY Party Blowers 18 of 26

    Use wrapping paper to make modern party blowers.
    Find out more at Minted.

  • Ice Cream Balloons 19 of 26

    Any time is a good time for ice cream balloons!
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Washi Tape Invitations 20 of 26

    Use washi tape to make your own invitations, like these popsicle cards.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Dip Dye Cutlery 21 of 26

    Jazz up your cutlery with a bit of dip dye.
    Find out more at My Poppet.

  • Animal Candles 22 of 26

    Spray paint animal toys to turn them into party candles.
    Find out more at The Sweetest Occasion.

  • Confetti Cups 23 of 26

    Use mod podge to make confetti cups for the party.
    Find out more at Ardor.

  • Party Poppers 24 of 26

    Make the most glittery party poppers for your guests.
    Find out more at Sugar and Cloth.

  • Colorful Painted Napkins 25 of 26

    Grab a jar of paint and start decorating your napkins for the party.
    Find out more at Sarah Hearts.

  • Fringe Backdrop 26 of 26

    Use colored streamers to make a layered backdrop to use for photos or for the dessert table.
    Find out more at Lovely Indeed.

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